Capcom Producer Matt Walker Praises The New Direction Of Project Resistance; Adaption Is Key To Survival

Capcom Producer Matt Walker Praises The New Direction Of Project Resistance; Adaption Is Key To Survival
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Project Resistance is Capcom’s latest project in the Resident Evil franchise. Although it doesn’t have the iconic title, it’s still set in the same fictional universe. However, Project Resistance is a completely different experience. Instead of branching off a storyline or remaking an older Resident Evil game like they did with their last game, Capcom is creating an online multiplayer experience.

This is the first time they’ve attempted such a feat. It has left gamers mixed. On one hand, many gamers like seeing Capcom taking a different direction with the Resident Evil series. Then there are others who are a little disappointed, especially those hoping for a remake of Resident Evil 3. Despite its mixed reception, Capcom producer Matt Walker praises the new direction.\

He spoke on Twitter saying how the developers are doing the right thing. According to him, companies become irrelevant when they stop trying to push the envelope. It’s the companies that evolve and continue to innovative that end up sticking around for a long time. It appears Capcom is set on that objective. Thus far, they’ve done a really good job with their latest titles.

Resident Evil 7 was a completely different experience than what fans of the series are used to. It has a lot of survival-horror elements, but immerses gamers with its first-person perspective. Resident Evil 2 (remake) continued to push the series in a bold direction.

This latest game could be just what Capcom needs to make an impact on the online multiplayer space. Ever since Fortnight , this sector of gaming has blown up. It seems like every major developer is tackling the genre in some fashion. It only makes sense that Capcom would too.

Thus far, Project Resistance is looking like a pretty fun co-op experience. You’ll be able to join friends in a session of life and death, literally. As you wake up in a room trapped, the Mastermind will do everything to stop you from escaping. The fifth player who takes on this role can shift the room in unique ways, unleash different monsters, and even shoot bullets from turrets set up all throughout the area.

If you’re one of the four survivors, you’ll have to fight off enemies and solve puzzles before it’s too late. It seems like a pretty gripping concept that gives gamers the chance to play out horror movie-like scenes firsthand. If this game is successful, then you can bet Capcom will put out similar titles in the future.