Capcom Now Recruiting Participants For In-Person Resident Evil Play Test

Capcom Now Recruiting Participants For In-Person Resident Evil Play Test
Credit: Resident Evil Resistance Website

Capcom recently sent out an email to their Resident Evil Ambassadors. First, they thanked registrants for their support of the Resident Evil franchise, then wished everyone well for the Winter months.

The email then announces that the developer and publisher is seeking participants in a few locations to playtest a Resident Evil game.

Play Testers are important to developers. Gamers may have often seen calls from big developers seeking beta testers for their multiplayer games. Developers use these opportunities to collect feedback and any issues that occurred during the beta session.

Most of the time, gamers aren’t compensated with anything except early access to play a highly anticipated game. Many times, players who don’t have access to a PC or the console the beta test is running on miss out.

Capcom is seeking players to test out something related to Resident Evil in-person. Players won’t have to download any content or worry that they don’t have the right console.

Participating in the playtest is free. There are only two requirements: interested players must be registered with the RE Ambassador Program and be over 18.

There are four in-person playtests scheduled across the world:

  • Tokyo: Saturday, February 29 or Sunday, March 1
  • Los Angeles: Sunday, March 8 or Monday, March 9
  • New York: Thursday, March 12 or Friday, March 13
  • Frankfurt: Friday, March 20 or Saturday, March 21

There’s no additional information about what Resident Evil media the play test will be for. The play test occurs a few weeks before the launch of Resident Evil 3, so it may be related to the title or an upcoming title.

For joining and playing the secret content, it’s unknown if testers will be compensated. Sometimes play testers are given limited edition merchandise as thanks from the developer and publisher, but this was not mentioned in the recruitment email. Capcom may consider playing testing a secret Resident Evil title the “reward.”

Applications to join the play test are available now until Wednesday, February 5. Applying is not a guarantee that players will be accepted into the test. Play testers will be responsible for their own transportation to the play test site. Those accepted should expect a strict non-disclosure agreement or else face the consequences for breaking the rules.