Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One End Date Pushed Back, New Weapon Revealed

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One End Date Pushed Back, New Weapon Revealed
Credit: Activision

If you still haven’t completed all of season one’s challenges, then you still have time, as Infinity Ward has extended the end date for the first season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Also, the developers said that a new weapon is coming to the game.

On Tuesday, Infinity Ward announced that season one’s ending date will be pushed back to February 11. On top of that, IW revealed that a crossbow will be added to Modern Warfare as part of an in-game challenge.

You can check out the developer’s official statement below.

“Over the next few weeks, a host of new items and challenges will arrive, including an in-game challenge to earn the new crossbow weapon, more remixed game modes, new playlists, and more in the store to discover. To make room for all that activity, we are making a one-time extension of season one – it’s now ending on February 11. During that time, there will be 2XP, 2X weapon XP, and 2X tier progression to help you finish up your officer ranks and tiers, and get you ready for an exciting season two.”

Infinity Ward hasn’t revealed what will come to Modern Warfare in season two, but a long-standing rumor suggests that a 200-player battle royale mode will come to the game soon, perhaps in the game’s second season. If that’s the case, then the BR mode may be the reason for the delay of MW’s second season.

Back in December, a Reddit user named Nateberg3 shared a 30-second video of what could be the battle royale map for Modern Warfare. The map was discovered due to a glitch, where the user was able to float above the map to get a bird’s eye view, showing the large Spec Ops map and the Ground War map Port of Verdansk.

Everything regarding the battle royale mode coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is, as of right now, just rumors, as Infinity Ward hasn’t officially revealed the 200-player mode, nor have they commented on the long-standing rumors. But, while it hasn’t been confirmed, the mode is probably coming soon.

With season one now set to end in February, we likely won’t get any information about season two until next month. But, Infinity Ward will continue to add new challenges and items to the game throughout the rest of season one, as they prepare for what should be a massive season two update.