Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Reveals Two New Weapons And Fan-Favorite Operators

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Reveals Two New Weapons And Fan-Favorite Operators
Credit: Infinity Ward via YouTube

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has already gotten a ton of new content since it launched last month, and there’s a lot more coming down the road.

According to a recent leak, there’s going to be new operators coming to Modern Warfare, including some fan-favorite characters, who will be able to be used during the game’s various multiplayer modes. The data for these new, incoming characters have been found in the game’s PC files, which revealed that Simon “Ghost” Riley from Modern Warfare 2 will be coming to the MW reboot. Also, Farah, who was a character in MW’s campaign, will be added as an operator.

In addition to Farah and Simon “Ghost” Riley, there will be eleven other operators who will be added to Modern Warfare in the future: Iskra, Kilgore, Nebo, Stohli, Trigg, Yandi, Hooper, Kato, Lynch, Quin, and Zedra.

Also according to the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare data-mine leak, two new weapons will be added to the game in a future update, as Twitter user MrJaRnii discovered that the Vector SMG and a crossbow in the game’s files. As for when the two weapons will be added, well, that’s still to be determined.

While this is the first time that anyone has discovered the Vector SMG, the crossbow has been teased, as there’s a poster of one on of the Ground War maps called Krovnik Farmland. Shortly after this was discovered and shared on Twitter, reliable Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution replied to photos of the crossbow with a wink face emoji, while adding that the weapon is “coming soon to a video game near you.”

The crossbow was most recently featured in 2017’s Call of Duty: World War II, so this wouldn’t be the first time that the weapon has been included in the COD franchise.

If/when these weapons get added, they’ll presumably be free, as Infinity Ward has said that all functional content such as weapons, perks, and attachments can be unlocked by playing the game and that the content that’s tied into MW’s Battle Pass will not have an impact on gameplay.

Again, it’s unclear when these weapons will come to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it’s realistic to assume that Infinity Ward will update the application a few more times before the end of the year. So, the crossbow and the Vector SMG could be coming to COD: MW at some point in the next couple of weeks.