Call of Duty Mobile Has Had Over 20 Million Installs During Its First Day Bringing In Roughly $2 Million In Revenue

Call of Duty Mobile Has Had Over 20 Million Installs During Its First Day Bringing In Roughly $2 Million In Revenue
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty Mobile starts strong as it quickly reaches 3 million downloads on its first day. Fans everywhere are logging in for a chance to experience what a mobile version of the action-packed shooter would look like. It is the top free iOS app in the US and 32 other markets and reached the top five in 30 other countries. This puts it at #59 in revenue on the US App Store only hours after its release.

The shooter is not without its share of problems as fans are greeted with a battle pass, loot crate, and other microtransaction options. It is to to tell what fan reactions are on this game early, but many are seeing this as a sign of a lesson not yet learned.

The mobile gaming market tends to be more lenient towards microtransactions, especially on free to play content. As the servers were flooded all other aspects of the launch went smoothly, and fans were greeted with a fast-paced tutorial, control options, and a chance to lay waste to all who spawn before them.

The game itself is a mash-up of Modern Warfare and Black Ops including maps, characters, and weapons from both sub-series. Even the battle royale map from the trailer looks oddly close to the map found in Black Ops 4.

As with every Call of Duty game, it did not take fans long before they found a way to use a keyboard and mouse on the game. There are already balance concerns arising from this as fans who play on the mobile system could never keep up with the speed and precision of an official patch.

There is a sense built into the game that you never know whether the enemies are real players or bots. No matter which a real threat would be keyboard and mouse players as their weapon of choice gives them faster reaction time and unbalances the entire experience.

Many in the gaming market see the use of keyboard and mouse problematic as it removes the challenge and skill gap between strictly mobile players. By adding the keyboard and mouse, the developers are simply creating another computer game which is definitely not what the mobile release intended to happen.

You can download Call of Duty Mobile for free on iOS, and Android devices. The game requires no money to play and does not even limit the number of rounds you can play between other content. It is truly a step in the right direction for mobile gaming but is it a step in the right direction for the development team.