Call Of Duty League’s Dallas Empire Cuts MuTeX After He Makes Obscene Comments During A Live Stream

Call Of Duty League’s Dallas Empire Cuts MuTeX After He Makes Obscene Comments During A Live Stream
Credit: 0pollo 19 via YouTube

A spot on the roster has opened for Call of Duty League’s Dallas Empire.

If anyone has ever played an online shooter and spent any time listening to the conversations had in-game, and in a menu, they won’t be surprised by someone spouting off.

Some of the darkest, crudest things ever heard by man have come from frustrated gamers hiding behind the alias of a gamer tag.

However, when you’re a professional Call of Duty player live streaming your game, you don’t have the luxury of anonymity.

Society has changed a lot in the last decade. The words that were used ten years ago are severely frowned upon now. In this video, Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma reigns insults down on the pro player zChaboud during a practice match, getting ready for the Call of Duty League.

The clip made its rounds through the Call of Duty community, and eventually to MuTeX’s team Dallas Empire. After watching it, Dallas Empire promptly cut MuTeX from the team.

He was selected by Dallas Empire to be a coach and analyst for the Search and Destroy game mode, as well as a substitute player.

Essentially, they expected MuTeX to operate with a level of professionalism and tact. Because of what was said in the video, they released him from the team.

MuTeX understands he messed up. A couple of days after the video surfaced, he announced that he would be putting on an autism awareness stream this Sunday, December 1st.

MuTeX has apologized, and many people have taken that at face value. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he has been cut from the team. He is looking to take this as a life lesson, to increase his wisdom, and to move forward as a better man and Call of Duty player.

Mike Rufail, the CEO of the Dallas Empire, spoke out about MuTeX as well, saying that what MuTeX said was “too much for us as an organization to deal with.”

Business is business, and relationships aside, Dallas Empire has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to something like this, and they want to set an example.
Team owners have invested a lot of money into the Call of Duty League. They are expecting their esports players to stay out of controversies, including making scathing remarks online. They are not willing to risk their brand, especially if they are trying to attract and retain a casual audience that hasn’t heard the underbelly of the game speak culture.