Bouncy Bob 2 Is A Crazy, Highly Replayable Party Game That’s Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month

Bouncy Bob 2 Is A Crazy, Highly Replayable Party Game That’s Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month
Credit: Mad Gamesmith via YouTube

Bouncy Bob 2 is arriving on Nintendo Switch this month! Here’s everything Switch gamers need to know, from what the game is, it’s gameplay, and when they can get their hands on it.

What is Bouncy Bob 2?
Bouncy Bob 2 is a fast-paced co-op party game that features different modes, and characters friends can choose from.

Bouncy Bob 2 gameplay:

This is a party game that has players fighting it out in an assortment of modes using blades and weapons.

Enjoy the gameplay trailer:

Here are the different game modes friends can battle it out in:
· Tower Challenge – This is the single-player mode. Challenges will become more difficult, the more the player overcomes. Become a bouncy hero by completing all arenas on the highest difficulty!
· Arena Mode – Gamers will compete with their friends in arena-style play. This is an open mode and features 14 different arenas to choose from, each with its unique elements.
· Swarm – One of the most fun party game experiences is fighting off zombies with buddies. Gamers will fend off swarms of zombies with friends in co-op mode or take their chances by themselves in single-player mode.
· Blender – Time for a refreshment break. In this mode, the player’s job is to cut as many fruits as possible.
· Volleyball – Good ol’ fashion Vball. Face off against the computer or friends and whack a ball over the net with a sword. Don’t let the ball touch the ground!

Players can choose from 12 different characters, and they can customize their color to differentiate themselves in the hectic match.

Nintendo Switch supported play modes:
Bouncy Bob 2 can be played via TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

How many people can play the game?
Bouncy Bob 2 is a party game that allows up to four local players.

Publisher and Developer:
Ultimate Games is the publisher of Bouncy Bob 2, and MadGamesmith is the developer.

Release date:
Bouncy Bob 2 is coming Switch gamers’ living rooms on November 20.

How much does Bouncy Bob 2 cost, and where can Switch players buy it?
The game currently costs $5, and gamers can buy it right from Nintendo’s eShop.

Download size:
The file size of the download is 937 MB.

What other platforms is the game available on?
Bouncy Bob 2 is already available on PC via Steam. It came out at the end of October and is currently selling for $4.99.