Blizzard’s Latest Heroes Of The Storm Patch Reworks Cassia and Tracer

Blizzard’s Latest Heroes Of The Storm Patch Reworks Cassia and Tracer
Credit: Heroes of the Storm via YouTube

Blizzard’s latest set of changes to their MOBA title Heroes of the Storm comes with a heavy refocusing on the design of both Cassia and Tracer. These changes are rather extensive for the most part and will radically change the way that these two heroes fit into a team composition.

In their notes, the developers discuss the wealth of ways that their design philosophies have changed over the years of balancing and furthering the gameplay of Heroes of the Storm. One of the main changes that Blizzard is trying to enact with these alterations is avoiding letting any single hero being “too sharp in their designs.”

Beginning with Cassia, we have a solid number of changes, as well as the addition of new talents to help diversify builds. Expect the following changes:

Cassia’s Health has been reduced heavily from 1840 to 1510. Additionally, her health regeneration has been sliced, going from 3.83 to 3.15.

Basic Attacks are being targeted as well, with her range being modestly increased while her damage and attack speed have both been lowered. Her weapon period has also been increased from .75 to 1.

Cassia’s Q has been changed in ways that may or may not make it a bit stronger, depending on the situation. The damage has been reduced while the Cooldown has been increased, making it do less damage and be usable less frequently. However, the mana cost has been reduced, and it can now hold two charges instead of one.

A single change hits Cassia’s W, reducing the mana from 70 to 50, which is a decent buff.

Cassia’s E has a solid amount of changes, almost all of which are nerfs to the abilities. The damage has been reduced by a small amount while the range has been increased. However, the cooldown and Mana cost have both been increased. Complimenting these changes is the added functionality of avoidance remaining active while Fend is channeled.

Avoidance, Cassia’s trait, has had its duration increased by .125. Additionally, moving unmounted will cause Cassia to gradually gain 30 armor over three seconds.

Tracer’s changes are much less extensive and include several nerfs and buffs as well. The following changes have been made:

Tracer’s range has been reduced from 5.5 to 5, as well as a small damage reduction. However, Tracer’s Pulse Bomb will now be charged by basic attacks 25% faster.

Tracer’s Health has been increased by 50, though her health regen has been reduced almost by half. Her Melee attacks will now also charge Pulse Bomb faster, by twice its previous rate.

Her Recall ability has been changed heavily, with the cooldown being reduced down to 20 seconds. However, it’s also had its amount of time to Recall reduced down to 2 seconds and its duration increased up to 1.25 seconds.

Pulse Bomb has had its damage reduced considerably. Not only will it deal less damage to its direct target, it’ll also now do significantly less AoE damage.

Finally, Tracer’s trait, Reload, will now give her 15% life steal on all basic attacks.

And those are the changes coming to Tracer and Cassia – not counting delving into the dozens of changes in their talents! Make sure you know the myriad of changes coming to their skillsets before you run back into the Nexus!