Blizzard Shines A Spotlight On Game Masters And In-Game Help System In Monthly Blog

Blizzard Shines A Spotlight On Game Masters And In-Game Help System In Monthly Blog
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

If you’ve played World of Warcraft, chances are decent that at some point you may have had to open a ticket for help. This can be for any variety of reasons, from your character being stuck between walls somewhere in the Dwarven district of Stormwind to you opening a ticket to report a suspected bot.

Regardless of why you’ve opened a ticket, the situation is virtually always handled by one of the help admins. These Game Masters, or GMs, are responsible for answering the tickets and helping to keep the game running smoothly. As part of their monthly blog, Blizzard has decided to raise awareness of the GM system by shining a light on their abilities and responsibilities, as well as when a player should call for one.

So, what can’t a GM do? Blizzard outlines four things that don’t fall under their powers. Game Masters can’t provide hints like drop rates, farming locations, boss mechanics, and the like. They aren’t developers and won’t be able to help you with anything design-related, and they can’t resolve bugs in game (though they can help with the consequences of bugs on occasion). They also can’t provide Beta access to those that may want it.

A good portion of what GMs help with is game play issues, primarily in those where a player can’t help themselves. If your player is stuck, for example, a GM is able to help nudge you out of the glitched surface. If your account is compromised by hackers and you’ve found yourself missing items or even characters, they can help to restore what was lost while they solve the issues.

It’s worth noting that the policies that a GM can enforce can vary slightly from Classic and Retail World of Warcraft. As these games are vastly different, there’s a chance that an issue that exists in one won’t exist in the other, or that the policy surrounding an issue may have changed since it originally appeared.

To call for a GM, you’ll have support staff available at any time of any day, 24/7. You’ll need to open a ticket in-game by going to the main menu, selecting “Help,” and opening a ticket from there. Most of the websites also have a tool to help you open a ticket.

Sometimes the issue can resolve itself. If it does, make sure to close your ticket. Otherwise, make sure you keep your ticket open until your issue has been resolved!