Blizzard Releases Patch Notes Of Complete Rework Of Tassadar In Heroes Of The Storm!

Blizzard Releases Patch Notes Of Complete Rework Of Tassadar In Heroes Of The Storm!
Credit: StarCraft via YouTube

Blizzard has announced a complete and total remake of their Heroes of the Storm hero Tassadar. The High Templar from the StarCraft universe is being changed from the ground up, radically changing his role in the game.

For starters, Tassadar is moving from a utility-based support into the complete opposite as a ranged spell-based assassin more akin to Kael’Thas’s playstyle. Blizzard has been teasing the rework for quite some time, and it’s finally time to see it in action.

“Tassadar was previously considered a support Hero, but we felt there was a disconnect between his kit/playstyle and the core fantasy of a High Templar or the other Protoss magic users,” Blizzard writes. “He retains his Psionic Storm, Force Wall, and Archon abilities and has gained two new abilities. . . his talent tree has also been radically transformed, giving him a slew of powerful new ways to play.”

So let’s get into the changes! Obviously you should expect a great deal more damage from Tassadar in your next matches, and you won’t be using him to a great support capability. With his offense turned up to 11, the following changes have been made to his abilities:

Tassadar’s trait, Resonance Beam, deals 14 damage every .25 seconds, slowing its target by 10%. Basic Attack damage and Mana Regeneration is increased by 25% a second to a maximum of 100% while channeling.

Shock Ray(Q) now channels a swift electric beam, dealing 280 damage and slowing all enemies in a line by 25% for 2 seconds.

Psionic Storm(W) hasn’t seen a huge change. This ability deals 38 damage every .5 seconds to enemies within the area-of-effect, lasting for 3 seconds. The damage increases by 10% each hit, up to a maximum of 50%.

Force Wall(E) remains relatively unchanged. After a .5 second delay, Tassadar creates a wall that blocks all units from moving through it, lasting 2 seconds. Some talents can increase the size and length of this wall.

Tassadar has two Heroic Abilities to pick from. The first of these is the classic High Templar ability, Archon. This allows Tassadar to transform into an Archon, gaining 40% of your maximum health as a shield and greatly empowering your basic attacks for 12 seconds. While Archon is active, Tassadar’s basic attacks deal more damage, splash, and reduce the Spell Armor of Heroes by 20 for 2 seconds. Resonance Beam is also always fully charged while Archon form is active.

Tassadar’s second option for his Heroic Ability is Black Hole, a powerful utility ability that can radically change a team fight. After a .5 second cast, Tassadar launches a black hole in a straight line. While traveling, the ability pulls enemy heroes into the center. If the enemy collides with the center, they’re stunned for 1.25 seconds and take heavy damage.

Along with these new abilities comes significant changes to his dozens of talent options as well. With these alterations, Tassadar will have a much more noticeable impact in your next match – especially against his enemies.