Blizzard Has Extended Diablo III’s 19th Season Until March 1st

Blizzard Has Extended Diablo III’s 19th Season Until March 1st
Credit: eventzz via YouTube

Blizzard has announced that they’ll be extending the current season of Diablo III, Season 19, until the beginning of March. This extension marks an addition of about two weeks onto the current season.

It’s far from uncommon for Blizzard to extend the Diablo seasons, especially the last few. Typically, they’ll wait until about two weeks or so before the end of a season and then announce the end with that two-week period. This allows for the season to flexibly adjust to whatever players seem to be preferring – sometimes it gets extended to let players enjoy whatever the season is bringing them, and sometimes it gets cut a bit short so that Diablo can move onto a season that players will enjoy more.

Currently, there’s no word on when the twentieth season will begin, which is also quite standard. Given the flexible nature of the end of the season, it’s impossible for Blizzard to accurately predict when they’ll be beginning the next season, as this could interfere with the way that they run down the previous season.

Each season lasts about three months, with this 19th season having begun on November 22nd after being delayed a week from its original November 15th beginning. That’s given players plenty of time to enjoy the ridiculousness of the Season of Pandemonium, which saw massive chain reactions as a result of kill streaks that could snowball into corpses falling from the sky or a fight against the ultimate evil.

Blizzard also hasn’t announced what they expect to do with the twentieth season that will likely start soon. There’s generally a few weeks of downtime while the devs put in a few quality-of-life tweaks and implement the new pre-season patch.

Though we don’t know what the new season will be, or the exact release date, we’ll likely see it arrive sometime in March. This is by no means a set release date, of course, just a personal prediction. Blizzard often only takes a handful of weeks or maybe a month before releasing their next season, so off that simple math – and not counting for nearly-guaranteed delays in this sort of thing – we’ll hopefully see the release this March.

Blizzard has been riding a near-constant wave of hype since the announcement of Diablo IV back at 2019’s BlizzCon. This announcement has renewed interest in the Diablo franchise, bringing more players into the active games to enjoy the world around them. Hopefully, this coming season will have some fun themes to help capitalize on the newly-stoked interest.