Blindy Is A Hardcore Platformer That Tests Even The Best – Arriving On Nintendo Switch

Blindy Is A Hardcore Platformer That Tests Even The Best – Arriving On Nintendo Switch
Credit: Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays via YouTube

Blindy, the self proclaimed “hardest 2D platformer” ever, is arriving on Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything gamers need to know, from what the game is, how to play it, and how to get their hands on it for the Switch.

What is Blindy?

Blindy is a challenging 2D platformer game. It was released on Android a few months ago and has been generally enjoyed by players. It is known mostly for how hard the game levels are and the trial and error that goes into completing them. If players want to have their platformer prowess challenged, this is the game to do so.

Is there a plot for Blindy?

All players need to know is that they are playing a character named Blindy, and they need to navigate through levels in the dark with the goal of getting to the end.

Blindy gameplay:

Blindy gameplay is billed as “run, jump, die, repeat, play blindly.”

The gameplay demands trial and error. There is a learning curve to each level as the player is playing blind for the most part. The gamer is meant to die a bunch of times to learn how to navigate the level.

The platformer is coined as “not unfair, but it’s very challenging.”

There are 60 different levels and four unique game modes. There is also a hidden coin somewhere in each level to challenge the professional platformers even more.

The controls operate like any 2D platformer. Right is right, left is left, etc.

The gameplay of Blindy is very straightforward, which makes the difficulty of this game even more impressive. Just think of old school Super Mario platformers but times that by one hundred. Also, gamers should expect a little bit of pixelated blood.

Here is a gameplay trailer for Blindy:

Which Nintendo Switch modes are supported by this game?
Blindy can be played via TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

How many people can play the game?
The 2D platformer is a single-player game.

Publisher and Developer of Blindy for Nintendo Switch:
Ultimate Games is the publisher, and Radoslaw Felich is the developer.

Release date:
Blindy comes out for Nintendo Switch on November 8, 2019.

What is the cost of the game, and where can gamers buy it?
The game costs $7.99, and gamers can buy through the Nintendo eshop.

Download size:
The file size is very small, as the game data is quite basic, only taking up 49 MB.

What other platforms is the game available on?
Blindy originally came out for Android and is currently available for $1.81 through Google Play.