Black Adam From DC And Stripe From Gremlins Are Two Of The New Faces In Multiversus

Black Adam From DC And Stripe From Gremlins Are Two Of The New Faces In Multiversus
Credit: pcgamer

The release of Multiversus Season 1 coincides with an in-game promotion that features two additional fighters who will probably be joining the system this year: Black Adam from DC Comics and Stripe from the Gremlins of 1984 film.

That’s right, kids, your next Multiversus opponents will be a team of Antiheroes and an evil alien creature. Black Adam was listed on the earlier table of revealed Multiversus characters. However, Gizmo, not Stripe, was listed as the protagonist of the Gremlins franchise.

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Black Adam, a character about 80 years old, was once an antagonistic foe of the Shazam persona. Black Adam is a human with magical prowess who uses energy bestowed by the deities of ancient Egypt. He is the kind of evil character who can outlast Superman in battle.

Yet, the figure has been reimagined in recent decades as a more sympathetic and nuanced supervillain. I’d anticipate him before or around that day because he’s the subject of a film that stars Dwayne Johnson that will be released later this year on October 21. If the company can afford it, I’ll also wager that the character will have a Dwayne Johnson-inspired skin.

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The second edition is much less evident from the exterior at all. Stripe, the strange and ruthless adversary from the 1984 black horror comedy that doubled as a family film and had enough brutality to influence the creation of the PG-13 rating in the United States.

I’m not sure what else to add, but Stripe will likely have a move where he draws a revolver or maybe utilizes a buzz-saw blade, which is stuff he does in the movie. My suggestion is for assassination for his class. This undoubtedly supports the theory that Gremlins 3, a movie no one requested, will be released in 2023.

The first official season of Multiversus premieres today; you can learn more about Multiversus Season 1 on the website.