Bioware Influencer Swtorita Finishes Her Guide Of Guides Series On Star Wars The Old Republic

Bioware Influencer Swtorita Finishes Her Guide Of Guides Series On Star Wars The Old Republic
Credit: swtorista

Star Wars the Old Republic is a big game that has a lot of things for players to learn. And sometimes, it’s hard to find a guide on a specific topic.

That’s where Swtorista came in. As one of many Bioware Influencers, she is and has been a great resource for the fans of the game. Between her “The Academy” video series that teaches players the basics of Star Wars the Old Republic, her top 10s on things like good looking armors for a class, her tweets on subjects ranging from information presented by other influences to things actually stated by the developers, Swtorista has been a massive resource to the fans of the game.

Her efforts have been so useful that veteran players will urge new players to check out her channel, for “answers to questions they don’t know they have yet.”

And it is in this vein that Swtorista has created her “Guide of Guides.” Over the past year, Swtorista has worked with other Influencers to compile a list of guides for Star Wars the Old Republic. Taking guides from her fellow Influencers, Swtorista has compiled a massive amount of guides, both video, and text, in one central place for players to access.

Ranging from things like patch notes, the state of the game from Reddit, how to plays, achievements, money making guides, how to get datacrons, conquest guides, events, Reputation guides, PVP, the Legacy and Dark Vs Light systems, class guides, gearing guides, group content guides, fashion guides, guides for guilds, galactic starfighter, crafting, strongholds, operations and flashpoints, stats, and roleplay, Swtorista’s efforts have been successful in congregating the best guides in one place.

The forum post where Swtorista placed this guide of guides is massive. She posted 3 pages worth of information for the guide, with 10 posts each page. And even though most of the guides aren’t written by Swtorista herself, all are approved by her.

And the guide of guides is current, too. The most recent posts have Onderon and Mek-Sha, the two newest planets available to players, on there.

This massive undertaking will need to be continually updated, so Swtorista still has work to do as the game changes.  But much like her videos, the guide of guides is a labor of love. She will continue to do this as long as the game still exists.

Players can visit the guide of guides at to see the fruits of Swtorista’s efforts. So if you need help, check out this forum thread.