BetaDwarf Gives Away Minion Masters Zealous Inferno DLC For Free To Celebrate Release Of Saving Jadespark Jungle

BetaDwarf Gives Away Minion Masters Zealous Inferno DLC For Free To Celebrate Release Of Saving Jadespark Jungle
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

After only a minor delay, Minion Masters‘s new expansion, Saving Jadespark Jungle, is finally here! We provided a full write-up on the ten new cards previously, which you can read here, but BetaDwarf is already here to help raise the hype even more.

To celebrate the release of the expansion, BetaDwarf is giving away their new DLC, Zealous Inferno, for free! Usually a $15 price point, this DLC gives a handful of cards, an exclusive emote and avatar, and a few power tokens to grab five more cards on top of everything else.

This DLC is themed after the Empyrean army that is featured heavily in the Saving Jadespark Jungle expansion. Meant to help you start bolstering up your army, it’ll serve as a great starter pack to help you field an Empyrean deck on your way to take over Jadespark.

Included in the DLC is three copies of the legendary Caeleth Dawnhammer, a formidable commander of the Empyrean Army that gets a powerful buff if surrounded by enough of his allies. The DLC also includes five copies of the Sun Burn spell, which damages and enrages all minions in the area of effect. Twenty copies of Banner Man come with the download, an essential support minion that gives shields to nearby units.

Downloaders also will grab forty copies of Legionnaires, a staple in the Empyrean army and powerful addition to a deck. Maybe most interesting, though, is the common card Brother of the Burning Fist, a powerful and tanky solo unit that leads from the front line of the army as he sets the ground beneath him on fire with his holy powers.

Included as well are five Power Tokens, which will grant you five more cards of any sort – maybe even another legendary! You’ll also get to grab an exclusive animated avatar and emote.

Empyrean Army cards are great for building up a more defensively-minded deck. Though they have plenty of firepower in their units, much of it ends up being single-target heavy damage which can struggle against swarming armies that Scrats and Voidborne decks tend to focus on. With their defensive focus, the Empyreans excel at negating damage and bringing taunts, making their already-hefty units last even longer.

This DLC certainly doesn’t provide everything you’ll need to field an incredible deck, but it’s a wonderful starting pack. Get out there and take on some other Masters if you want to earn everything you need to take over Jadespark for the Empyrean Army!