Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle, Full Quest Walkthrough For Destiny 2 Season Seven

Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle, Full Quest Walkthrough For Destiny 2 Season Seven
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

The weapon Bad Juju is back folks; the exotic pulse rifle returning from the original Destiny has everyone hyped. In addition to this, it is added in as a quest exotic, so guardians have yet another weapon to work towards.

At least this time it isn’t a handcannon. This quest also doesn’t come with any kind of moral and philosophical questions about Light and Darkness, and how far you’re willing to go to obtain power. No, for Bad Juju, Calus just really wants to give his favorite guardian a present.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t have to work for it. The Bad Juju quest line is fairly simple, and short on paper, but it is actually pretty grindy. It is well worth it though. The weapon’s exotic perk is called String of Curses, which grants increased damage and Super energy upon kills.

To begin the quest, players must visit the barge on Nessus where Werner is located. There is a conspicuous chest right beside the vendor, and interacting with it gives the “Invitation to Calus.” From there, guardians need to board the Leviathan and visit the new area called The Tribute Hall. You are greeted by a large golden statue of everyone’s favorite Emperor, and a message for your guardian.

You then have to complete one of the four bounties, the easiest of which is just killing enemies, no mess no fuss. After that, return to the tribute hall and turn in the quest reward. This will begin the true grind of the quest, which is earning statues to fill the tribute hall with. Statues can be purchases with a combination of glimmer and either planetary materials, legendary shards, or bright dust.

This step will take a good amount of time, but luckily you can handle it your own way. Doing strikes for legendary rewards to dismantle? That works. Focusing on lost sectors and patrols for planetary materials? That’s good too. You need to come up with 18 tributes to move on to the next phase.

After this, you need to complete a short quest. Make yourself ascendent and interact with the green chest in the middle of The Tribute Hall to open a portal into the mission. The quest is straightforward, just go through and kill the Ascendant enemies. Once you have killed enough enemies and the Juju skull is charged, you are pulled back and rewarded with your prize.