Attention World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Cat Lovers: The Cat Pack Has Received A Huge Discount!

Attention World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Cat Lovers: The Cat Pack Has Received A Huge Discount!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Some of the most menacing mounts in World of Warcraft are cats. Alternatively, some of the cutest pets in the game are cats. Well, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth gamers can buy The
Cat Pack, which features both kinds of felines and to make things even better, it’s now
on sale!

Typically, The Cat Pack sells for $115 USD, but it’s now on for $39.99, which is a 65 percent saving.

The sale is only on for a limited time, however, with the last day being January 6th.

There is a lot of value with The Cat Pack, especially if a gamer fancies themselves a cat lover. All in all, the pack comes with three mounts and four pets.

The mounts are as follows:

Winged Guardian – This is a powerful, winged lion that was discovered in an ancient tomb who may have served a Tol’vir prince.
Mystic Runesaber – This epic mount is fueled by arcane magic and is on the constant lookout for ley lines.
Luminous Starseeker – This apex hunter of Argus senses energy to hunt its prey. It changes color when it approaches a high energy level.

Here are the pets that come in The Cat Pack:

Cinder Kitten – This is a flaming, armored kitty that still happens to be unbearably adorable.
Brightpaw – There is an arcane, magical presence with this cat, and it exhibits high energy. It’s the cub, pet version of the Mystic Runesaber.
Mischief – Infused with green fel fire, this evil kitty is maniacal but also a great cuddler.
Twilight – The cub version of the Luminous Starseeker, the color of Twilight changes depending on its mood.

These cat companions will be available for every World of Warcraft character that the player has, along as they’re within the same region. They can be found in the Collections tab on the player’s UI.

Another beautiful element with The Cat Pack is that if a gamer already owns one of the mounts or pets, the price will be prorated, and it’ll be cheaper to buy.

If a World of Warcraft gamer collects mounts and is willing to pay for some, this deal is honestly excellent. There is a diverse variety of mounts and pets in The Cat Pack, which is an attractive element.

There are still a few more weeks before the deadline hits, but a deal like this doesn’t pop up all the time in the Battle Net store!