Atlas ‘Mega Update’ Goes Live With Trainable Crabs, New Co-Op Mode, And More Islands

Atlas ‘Mega Update’ Goes Live With Trainable Crabs, New Co-Op Mode, And More Islands
Credit: ATLAS via YouTube

There are new islands and oceans to explore, and giant crabs to ride on in Atlas today. Grapeshot Games has recently launched the “mega update” which includes a new co-op mode for the Pathfinders.

According to the game developer, the update revises and re-envisions ATLAS. In its blog post on Thursday, Grapeshot Games said the Mega-Update is the culmination of collating live feedback from players. The feedback was gathered for three months and has resulted in a new claiming system, map expansion, and richer content.

The popular multi-player pirate game drops in “40%” more islands and carries out some changes on the map. Players can expect to see deep sea environments in the Deep Ocean Trench.

This is a new area to discover, and it is the home of the Giant Crab. For those who want to have a more unique experience, riding giant crabs should not be missed. But first, players have to tame them. The Giant Crabs are very strong that it can be used to carry heavy loads. There is also a new submarine to ride on while exploring the ocean depths.

Aside from the new environment and the new creature, Atlas 1.5 also introduces the guillotine. Players can also deploy characters by using the Human Catapult. The trailer will show how this new feature throws in humans to the air to enter the castle. Plus, the characters in the game will have more realistic wrinkles on their faces.

Atlas Mega-Update brings in four Official Networks that represent three game modes. Each mode will come with its own unique claim system. Grapeshot said this will allow players to choose the mode that fits their play style. These three game modes include the Colonies PvP, Empires PvP, and PvE.

The Colonies mode will have more progress protection and time-enforced rules for PvP. This will have a more cooperative atmosphere to help small to medium-size groups.

Meanwhile, the Empires mode is the game’s previous PvP mode. This mode will have no limits in terms of claiming flags and growing company sizes. The PvE, on the other hand, is based on the Colonies mode but has the PvP element disabled.

The game developers said this is one of their biggest updates to have worked on. Grapeshot Games also vowed to bring more updates every month. These will include more creatures, new areas, items, and weapons. Steam is currently offering the game at a 50% discount to welcome the Mega-Update.