Asrock Releases Limited Edition X570 Aqua Motherboard For Liquid Cooling Enthusiast

Asrock Releases Limited Edition X570 Aqua Motherboard For Liquid Cooling Enthusiast
Credit: PB Tech via YouTube

During the Computex 2019, ASrock’s proudly displayed it’s limited edition X570 Aqua, a motherboard armed with a cooling water system. Here’s a quick introduction to this premium motherboard.

However, although most components are well-made and placed inside the cleverly crafted custom block, technically speaking, it has an unfinished coverage as some pieces of elements along the rim are exposed.

Because of the difficulty to produce each unit of this motherboard, the company will only produce an estimated 999 units of this skillfully-designed motherboard; and every piece will be carefully marked with unique markings.

This premium motherboard has an all-in-one water cooling block onboard. The cooling armor is copper-based and a one-piece design that incorporates a water path system specifically engineered to achieve the most efficient heat dissipation. Three parts that this water-cooling heat dissipation system applied on are the CPU, VRM, and chipset.

The coolant or the liquid used for heat removal is divided into three passages; each path can be cooled individually without the involvement of the other pathway. Additionally, this division reduced the water-resistance of the cooling armor, which will then increase the speed of water flow to give a highly-efficient cooling effect.

The coolant will begin its journey from the processor area and go through the X570 chipset before finally ending up at the power dispatch subsystem and going out.

The motherboard has massive heat sinks made up of aluminum allow that can remove heat efficiently from the chipset and contribute to a more stable overall system performance. Aside from this, the motherboard contains brand new memory allow chokes designed to be heat-resistance and magnetic, which stabilizes the power delivery to the motherboards.

Furthermore, the motherboard is built with a 14-phase power system to ensure the distribution of power to the CPU is reliable and smooth. Moreover, it has an incomparable overlocking potential and improved performance for expert gamers.

Built with WiFi 6 support, it pushes the WiFi standards to its maximum capability and able to generate a considerably faster WiFi speed. It also offers several methods to connect to the internet.

Of course, a high-end motherboard won’t be considered complete without having a protection system against a power surge. Built with a compact PBC, the motherboard is safely protected when electrical shorts happen.

Other amazing features of the motherboard include 12K capacitors that can last up to 12,000 hours and Thunderbolt technology that contribute to a faster connection and transferring of data.

Nevertheless, the company has yet to reveal the exact pricing of this premium niche product.