Archeage’s The Beanstalk House Returns With A Treehouse And Three Kinds Of Furniture Bundles

Archeage’s The Beanstalk House Returns With A Treehouse And Three Kinds Of Furniture Bundles
Credit: Yoruki via YouTube

ArcheAge’s new shop rotation has launched, giving players a whole new living choice suitable for magical lifestyles. The game developer once again brings back “The Beanstalk House.” This limited chance gives players an option to get a treehouse they can call home, and at the same time have the chance to choose from three distinct types of furniture bundles.

Launched in Korea in early 2013, ArcheAge is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that is developed by a Korean game developer, Jake Song, under his company, XL company. Described as a “SandPark” game, the game developer combined the concept of an open content style of a “sandbox” game with a more organized gameplay experience of the “theme-park” game.

Players can acquire this option with 10,000 worth of credits which will give them a beautiful location to bed down amidst the trees. Players that purchase this option can get a bonus of 400 tax credits that can provide them with a break on their real estate payments.

Players that are interested in getting a tour around the place can watch a video showcasing the ArcheAge Beanstalk House released by the YouTuber, Yoruki.

The shop update brings back the Sugar Overload Pack to provide some sugary furniture feel for a cozier and sweeter home. This pack cost 3,500 credits and comes with one macaroon bed, two pieces of lollipop wall lamp, two pieces of small marshmallow and candy cane, one giant marshmallow stick and candy cane, and a whole load more of other sweet furniture. Players can decorate their homes with these sugary objects for a truly “home, sweet home” atmosphere.

This update also offers a Mushroom Decor Bundle that costs 3,600 credits that give players the opportunity to decorate their home with adorable mushroom-themed house tools. The bundle includes a mushroom mattress, two pieces of the mushroom lamp, one cute mushroom plushies, one carved stump table, and many more.

In addition, a pack of cuddly furniture is available for animal lovers. With 2,000 worth of credits, players can get the Wrapped Yata Decor Pack that comes with several different types of Yata-themed house objects. Some of the furniture included in the pack are one bonnet bed, one starry night light, one royal vanity hair, one royal loveseat, one double paw table, and many other Yata-themed furniture.

Players that are interested in obtaining this update need to act fast as this limited opportunity will only be available until September 19.