Arcade Spirits Is Making Its Way Onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And The Nintendo Switch This May,

Arcade Spirits Is Making Its Way Onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And The Nintendo Switch This May,
Credit: PQube

Arcade Spirits is a narrative-based game that takes place in an alternate timeline. In the game, the industry crash of 1983 never happened, which means arcades never went away. You join a crew of a local arcade called the Funplex, where you and your co-workers find your love for video games.

Thematically the game is a romantic comedy mixed with a visual novel. You will interact with a ton of unique personalities and customers as you seek romance among your peers. This is an alternate time of 20XX, so there are familiar sights, sounds, and concepts scattered around this alternate reality.

There are tons of things that make this game stand out among the crow of visual novels. You make your character from the ground up, choosing everything about them. Players get to choose their hair color, eye color, skin tone, hairstyle, and even your pronoun. Your character is completely customizable to reflect your true self within the game.

As a roleplaying game, your decisions will drive the story. As you grow your personality and relationships, it is up to you how the others perceive you. Your relationships can be friendship, platonic, or as intimate as you want. It is all dependant upon how hard you work to build a personal relationship with the seven different romanceable characters.

The game includes a built-in system called the Identity Identifier System, or IRIS for short. This system allows players to track their relationship status with all the characters within the game. You can also view your personality traits, which will be described in abstract terms like Quirky or Gutsy.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The game is all about your choices and how you handle the in-game drama. As you define your personality and work through crisis management moments, you get a better idea of not only your romantic future but the future of the whole arcade.

This game is perfect for anyone who loves old arcades, neon lights, and tons of pixels. Find your dreams within the walls of the Funplex. The game is all about living another life within a safe, virtual, environment of love and friendship.

Arcade Spirits will be making it to consoles on May 1. It will be available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The game is already live on Steam for purchase if you want an early peek at the drama to come. If you enjoy virtual novels, then this game should be a wonderful excursion into an alternate world.