Apex Legends NEW Season 4 Trailer – A Shocking Twist And Free Loot When You Land In World’s Edge

Apex Legends NEW Season 4 Trailer – A Shocking Twist And Free Loot When You Land In World’s Edge
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legend’s highly-anticipated Season 4 is arriving on the 4th of February, now just a week away. To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the game’s release, Respawn opened up with a new trailer today, an interview of Forge – the Five-Time Fighting Champion and supposed next Legend to enter the Apex arena.

However, as you can see from the trailer below, a certain someone has other plans for the future of Forge in the games.

Revenant, the character that many fans of Apex Legends thought was on his way, takes out Forge with a well-timed knife-hand in the back. Up close and personal? Very much so. There are some big hints in the trailer, such as Forge saying that many think “he’s not ready” to be a part of the Apex Games, and telling his opponents not to get up close and personal foretells of his melee-centric abilities.

While this trailer is an exciting teaser for what’s to come next week, it’s still not completely clear what’s going to happen with the in-game content. Is Forge dead? Is that it? A short look at a potential legend then wiped off the map by a sneaky Revenant? Or will both characters make an appearance for Season 4?

Apex Legend’s Tales from the Outlands are a selection of animated shorts made by the team at Respawn that give fans an insight into the lore and story behind the hit Battle Royale game. This interview of Forge follows up the teaser trailer for Crypto that hit the shelves just before the release of Season 3.

The interview trailer was predated by the introduction of an interview set-up in Sorting Factory on World’s Edge. People who landed in the main factory could see chairs, cameras and a few potted plants. If you land there now, after the release of the trailer, you might find something special in Forge’s death box.

Yep, land at Sorting Factory and you’ll get your hands on a Limited-Edition Hammond Robotics golden weapon charm, and the in-game content tells you that it’s a commemorative charm for Forge’s introduction into the Apex games.

Apex Legends Season 4 starts on Tuesday, 4th February, almost exactly one year since the game was first released. A new character – either Forge, or Revenant, or both, will arrive, as well as the new Sniper rifle ‘Sentinel’ and huge map changes thanks to Hammond Robotics (and the signs around the map tell you where these changes will be being made.)