Apex Legends Is Bringing Back Duos And Original Map Starting Next Week

Apex Legends Is Bringing Back Duos And Original Map Starting Next Week
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Even still in 2020, the battle royale space is going strong in gaming. There have been many to come and go, but one that has stuck around has been Apex Legends. It still puts up impressive numbers and receives consistent updates at just the right times.

More are coming next week (April 7). One of the most prominent is the return of the duos mode. That’s right. This beloved mode is coming back and it appears like it’s here to stay, according to reports from Respawn. It was a strange choice for the developer to take it away when it was clear this two-person option was beloved by many. Fortunately, Respawn has listened to community feedback.

There’s something about playing with just one other teammate. You can’t really take a lone-wolf approach to combat or rely too much on your team. Rather, you have to come up with a sound strategy as a collective if you wish to defeat the other two-player teams. Duos is particularly good in Apex Legends and is partly the reason why it soared to the top of the charts back when it first released.

In addition to duos returning, the classic map Kings Canyon is also coming back. It was the original map that debuted alongside Apex Legends. Now, it will be rotated out with World’s Edge. That should give players plenty of variety to look forward to and keep players honest.

Kings Canyon is renowned for its variety. There are just so many areas you can drop in and utilize as a superior advantage, from military structures to open fields of grass. It definitely set Apex Legends up for success and showed what type of contender it was out of the gate. It’s good to see it staying in the rotation for good. It’s a nice compliment to World Edge’s more dual-nature design.

It’s incredible to see how far Apex Legends has come. While other battle games try to re-invite the wheel, Apex Legends has remained a tried and true formula much like its competitors PUBG and Fortnite. As long as Respawn stays committed to the game and keeps innovating it in the right departments, there’s no reason why this game can’t thrive for many more years to come. The gameplay is amazing in all of the right ways and the character options give you plenty of ways to approach competitive combat. Let’s see what else Respawn has up its sleeves for 2020.