Another World And Flashback Compilation Headed To PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch

Another World And Flashback Compilation Headed To PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Another World Official Website

Paul Cuisset’s Flashback and Eric Chahi’s Another World will now be sold together for the first time in mid-April. Microids is publishing the compilation on modern platforms.

The release was initially announced in 2019 and was scheduled to be released months later in November, but plans fell through. November came and gone without any news. A new press release was published by Microids with a brand new release date.

Another World, or Out of This World, “recounts the adventures of Lester Knight Chaykin, a young scientist who travels through time and space when a nuclear experiment goes wrong. He arrives on another planet, where he will have to fight for survival, surrounded by hostile creatures. He will befriend an alien and only by working together, they will regain their freedom. You’ll need to be logical and highly skilled to overcome this adventure’s obstacles.” states the game’s official summary.

Another World has new features, including remastered graphics in HD, three difficulty modes in Normal, Difficult, and Hardcore, plus a new immersive experience with 100% remastered sounds and effects.

Flashback takes place in 2142 and stars young scientist Conrad B. Hart, who wakes up with amnesia on the satellite of Saturn, Titan. He has to escape his enemies to return to Earth while preventing aliens from destroying the planet.

Flashback comes with more features than Another World. Players enjoy the Director’s Cut version with two exclusive cut scenes. The cut scenes can also be replayed any time during the adventure.

Players can change Conrad’s t-shirt to pink or white. Gamers can play completed levels again in a new “Training Mode.” A new “Rewind” function was added and changes according to the level difficulty.

A few new features were added for those who are particularly fond of the games’ art style. Now players can change up the look of the game with post-fx filters. Gamers can earn points to unlock images in the “Street Art Gallery.”

The sounds and music were also completely remastered for the new compilation.

The physical release contains the games, digital soundtracks, two postcards with artwork from the game, and a reversible cover.

The Another World and Flashback compilation will be released on April 16 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.