Another Beta Release Date Has Been Announced For Legends Of Runeterra, Another Chance To Try The Game Before Its Release

Another Beta Release Date Has Been Announced For Legends Of Runeterra, Another Chance To Try The Game Before Its Release
Credit: Legends of Runeterra via YouTube

Open Beta is set to begin for PC on January 23 in Legends of Runeterra. Players can get in on the action by pre-registering between 11 A.M. and 7 P.M. GMT the same day. Just go to the official website, follow the instructions found there, and you will be good to go.

Playing in the beta will allow players early access to the game, and all progress will carry over when the game fully launches. If you need more incentive, you get a free moonstruck guardian as a gift just for participating.

The game is planned to be released sometime in 2020. There is still no confirmed release date for this game. Riot Games will reveal more about the release date later in the year when they do their open beta FAQ discussion. No information as to when that will be has yet to be provided by the developers.

Legends of Runeterra is a card game set in Runeterra, the same universe that League of Legends is in. Characters and abilities from the game will be making an appearance, but that is all that the two have in common. The gameplay is dramatically different, looking more like Hearthstone, Gwent, or other online card games.

Right now, it looks like only cosmetics will be sold as microtransactions. Unlike other card games, players will not be able to buy full packs of cards. Cards can only be unlocked through gameplay. Open Beta will feature ranked play, but remember that things can go wrong as this is, well, a beta.

With how Riot Games handles League of Legends, players are sure to be in for a good time through the development process. They are active when listening to fan feedback and constantly keep their competitive events well-publicized and well funded. If Legends of Runeterra gets enough momentum, this could birth another chapter in Riot Game’s competitive history.

Early views of the game say it looks great and is balanced well. It is sure to give Hearthstone a run for its money once it is out of Beta and fully developed. Fans everywhere are constantly watching for updates on this upcoming release, and no one knows what Riot Games has in store for the future of this online card game.

There is tons of information on Legends of Runeterra on the official website with videos, guides, and updates all available. This game is sure to set well with fans when it eventually releases for free.