Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Announced Its Upcoming Fishing Event This Weekend April 11, New Update Reduces Egg Spawn Rate

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Announced Its Upcoming Fishing Event This Weekend April 11, New Update Reduces Egg Spawn Rate
Credit: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Official Website

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been experiencing its first seasonal event Bunny Day since April 1. The event is ending this weekend, but fans have something even more exciting to look forward too. This weekend on Saturday, April 11, is the first Fishing Tourney for the Animal Crossing community.

This will be an enjoyable respite from the never-ending eggs that have plagued the game since Bunny Day’s start. Fishing Tourneys have been a part of the Animal Crossing franchise since the series debuted. Although this will be the event’s first appearance in New Horizons, fans are hoping that it will live up to expectations.

The Bunny Day event has received some adjustments since its initial launch. Before this update, players were tasked to find different types of eggs scattered around the island. These eggs could be used to craft limited-time Bunny Day furniture. The eggs replaced normal drops from trees and fishing, resulting in a sudden surprise.

Quickly it was realized that the spawn rate of these eggs was too high and caused players to gather way more eggs than expected. This annoyed the Animal Crossing community as the eggs were more prevalent then the fish or fruit they were hoping to harvest. It is important to note that although the appearance rate has been adjusted, the eggs will have an increased spawn rate on Bunny Day itself, which will take place on April 12.

In response to player feedback, Nintendo has since patched the game and adjusted the egg spawn rates. This will make the eggs less common and more balanced. The patch also helped to resolve several bugs that were preventing players from receiving the correct sculpture when they gave Flick scarab beetles.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is looking forward to the Fishing Tourney and hoping that it remains true to previous versions. In previous games, players would compete with their villagers to catch the biggest fish before time ran out. If you did manage to score the largest catch, you would get a special trophy along with a special prize.

April has brought a variety of new bugs and fish available for fans to catch within the game. The every adapting and growing Animal Crossing release has exceeded many fans’ expectations with massive sales shown since launch.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive title. It follows the same concept as previous installments in the series, but this time you are on a deserted island. Make the island your home as you build a community of your favorite Animal Crossing friends.