An In-Game Event Featuring Batman Themes Could Be Heading To Fortnite According To Dataminers

An In-Game Event Featuring Batman Themes Could Be Heading To Fortnite According To Dataminers
Credit: Hollow via YouTube

One reason why Fortnite has had such a mainstay in the battle royale sector is because it gets unique events on a regular basis. The event usually has a theme to piggyback off a popular movement or movie. Who could forget the Avengers’ event in Fortnite. It featured Thanos and his evil minions. Players got to use Marvel-themed weapons to stop Thanos from collecting the seven Infinity Gems.

Before that the theme was John Wick and Borderlands. Time and time again, in-game events give players something unique and compelling to look forward to. The next one could very well feature the black-caped crusader himself, Batman. That’s according to several dataminers.

One of the regular Fortnite dataminers was able to discover that the rift zone Titled Town is getting re-designed once again. This time, it will feature elements of Gotham City. If you’ve seen any Batman movie or read some of the comic books, you’re pretty well aware of the architecture in this city. It has very Gothic tones with gargoyles and intricate designs.

These elements were found by the dataminer by the name of Lucas7Yoshi. His snapshot shows Tilted Town with some of the same elements, but the Gotham themes are pretty apparent. That’s not all. There are also some weapons with the Batman theme being added in update v10.31 s well.

One of these is a batarang explosive device. Not only can it do a lot of damage up to a certain vicinity, but it can stick to things. As you can imagine, this gives players using the weapon plenty of opportunities to sneak them on walls and ceilings. Then, when an unsuspecting enemy walks by, they can activate the batarang and do a ton of damage.

Another Batman-themed item being included in this in-game event is a grappling claw. It seems to work much like the plunger grappling gun, only you’ll get to where a cape while using it. Finally, there appears to be Batman-themed gliders on the way. They should make moving about the large map an incredible experience.

Epic Games hasn’t made anything official regarding this DC collaboration, but you can bet it’s coming. Lucas7Yoshi has been right on many occasions, so his reveals are credible. Just one question remains. Will you be able to play as Batman in this event? That would be incredible and would introduce a new fold to combat. We’ll soon find out.