Minnesota Røkkr – Team Breakdown. Call Of Duty League Esport Inaugural Series

Credit: ROKKR MN via YouTube

The inaugural season of Call of Duty League is set to get underway on January 24, 2020.

Call of Duty League is an international, city-based Esports league with 12 city teams competing, hailing from four different countries. Competitors will be facing off in the popular first-person shooter video game Call of Duty.

Here is a breakdown for the Call of Duty League team representing Minnesota.

Team Name: Minnesota Røkkr

City: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Adam “Assault” Garcia
Birthplace: United States
Birthday: July 10, 1996
Twitter: @Assault
Team Role: Main AR
Accomplishments: Assault is a 2018 World Champion and the 2018 World Championship MVP.

Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer
Birthplace: United States
Birthday: July 14, 1995
Twitter: @silly702
Team Role: AR Slayer
Accomplishments: SiLLY is a 2018 World Champion.

Adam “GodRx” Brown
Birthplace: United States
Birthday: June 17, 1998
Twitter: @GODRX
Team Role: Player
Accomplishments: GodRx got 4th place in the 2019 World Championship.

Alex “Alexx” Carpenter
Birthplace: England
Birthday: May 6, 1999
Twitter: @Alexx1935
Team Role: Player
Accomplishments: Alexx has finished 1st in many smaller Call of Duty tournaments.

Obaid “Asim” Asim
Birthplace: Canada
Birthday: February 10, 2000
Twitter: @GstaAsim
Team Role: SMG Slayer
Accomplishments: Asim won 1st in the CWL Forth Worth Open 2019

Brian “Saintt” Baroska
Birthplace: United States
Birthday: July 23, 1994
Twitter: @BrianSaintt
Team Role: Head Coach
Accomplishments: Saintt has a lot of experience coaching pro-level Call of Duty teams. He started as a pro in 2011.

Here is Minnesota Røkkr’s roster video:

Owners of the Team: The Wilf Family (owners of the Minnesota Vikings) and Gary Vaynerchuk (investor icon and social media superstar).


The Minnesota Røkkr logo is a purple Viking helmet, with some edges bordered by a light shade of blue, as well as the right eye behind the helmet.

In old Norse dialects, røkkr translates to “twilight.” Twilight is the moment the last light of the day fades, and night takes over. In Norse Mythology, Røkkr is associated with Ragnarøkkr (or Ragnarok), the end of the world, or “Twilight of the Gods”.
“Inspired by these legends, our modern day Røkkr is a team of chosen warriors forged in the fierce climate of the true North. As darkness falls, the Minnesota Røkkr emerge. By morning they are the last ones standing. As with the mythical heroes who battled fate itself, the Minnesota Røkkr must unite all allies — the best players in the world, the fans who wear the colors, and the community they represent,” via Minnesota Røkkr’s website.

Official Website: https://rokkr.callofdutyleague.com/en-us/

Social Media Handles:
• Twitter: @ROKKR
• Instagram: @rokkr_mn
• Facebook: ROKKRMN
• YouTube: ROKKR MN
• Discord: ROKKR

The inaugural season of Call of Duty League will start on January 24, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Minnesota Røkkr will host the first event. Competitors will be playing the freshly launched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.