American Truck Simulator Is Being Offered For Free Over The Weekend For PC Players

American Truck Simulator Is Being Offered For Free Over The Weekend For PC Players
Credit: SCS Software via YouTube

Steam is one of the best platforms to pick up PC games. A lot of times, it delivers free offerings. It’s happening again over the weekend. For a limited time, PC users will have the chance to experience all of the greatness that’s in American Truck Simulator by SCS Software. If you’ve always wondered what it would be lock clocking 9-5 on the open road, now’s your chance to live out these fantasies like never before.

There’s something so special about these sort of simulator games. They don’t have over-the-top stories or mind-blowing gameplay elements that make you question what’s real and what isn’t. American Truck Simulator is one of the better simulators currently on the market. It gives you the chance to explore the vast highways through the United States, from Arizona to California. Gameplay is kept fresh by the varied environments you’ll travel through.

It’s surprising to find out how much skill is involved in this game. You won’t be able to just gun the gas and expect to have a smooth traveling experience. Rather, you’ll have to be calculated with your maneuvers. For example, taking sharp corners requires a connection and understanding of your rig’s dimensions. Failing to get the turn just right will result in damage. That’s the last thing you want, especially when working with some picky clients.

Despite its sometimes difficult nature, you’re always locked into the experience. You’re careful with every maneuver you make as to stay on the correct course and reach your target destination without any major issues occurring. Being able to switch views also keeps gameplay fresh. If you’re performing a difficult maneuver, a third-person view is probably your best bet. If you’re looking to up the immersion factor, you can quickly switch over to first-person seamlessly. It feels like you’re actually in the cockpit of a large commercial rig.

Speaking of rigs, there are many to choose from. You’ll be able to unlock more the farther along you get in the game. Each one has different aesthetics and even performs differently. Thus, you’ll need to spend some time feeling each rig out before really letting it loose. The entire time, you have a sense of gratification.

There’s just something so special about pulling an all-nighter, traveling through the Grand Canyon with some relaxing music coming through the radio. Never before has driving felt this good nor as important in a video game.