Alwa’s Awakening Comes To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, It Is Time For an Epic 8-Bit Adventure To Save The Land Of Alwa

Alwa’s Awakening Comes To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, It Is Time For an Epic 8-Bit Adventure To Save The Land Of Alwa
Credit: Elden Pickles Via Youtube

There is a call back to a simpler time in gaming history when 8-bit adventures were all the rage. Alwa’s Awakening is an epic adventure in the land of Alwa. You will use your magic staff and progress through a large interconnected world where you will fight evil, solve puzzles, and defeat bosses to free the land from all the evil controlling it.

This is a NES style game for the modern age. Visually and mechanically, it brings back memories of late-night pixel games. The developers have worked hard to stay as close as possible to the authentic pixel art look. It even comes complete with catchy chiptunes and easy to learn controls with a difficulty that will take months to master.

Alwa’s Awakening puts you in control of Zoe, a heroine from another world sent to bring peace to the land of Alwa. You are equipped with a magic staff that is used to awaken a distant land and set out to help all the people. Dungeons of dangerous enemies cover the land as you meet interesting and fun characters to explore the world with.

There is no arrow or fancy quest objective to guide you on your journey. Instead, you are free to discover your own way, and using the magic staff; you progress through over 400 unique, challenging rooms found within the game.

Your staff is a utility tool. Not only does it fight and let you defend yourself using its offensive abilities, but it also can conjure blocks, bubbles, and lighting bolds that are used to solve puzzles. You must use your own ingenuity to find your way through every challenge that presents itself to you.

To make this game even more authentic, it only uses three buttons other than the controls to move Zoe around. You can attack, and if you press up and attack, you summon a magic attack. You can also jump. The final button changes magic and allows you to select which mode you want your staff on. You need to master all of these skills to make it through all the rooms.

This game is bringing its challenging features to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With the addition of achievements, there is a whole new world of challenges to be discovered. Make sure to practice as the game might seem simple, but takes much to master.

Alwa’s Awakening is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $9.99. So discover your inner magic, wield your powerful staff, and free the land of Alwa from the evil that is corrupting it.