All Of Those Physical Copies For The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Are Going To Be Delayed Amid Coronavirus Panic

All Of Those Physical Copies For The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Are Going To Be Delayed Amid Coronavirus Panic
Credit: Square Enix via YouTube

Bad news for all of the fans of the upcoming video game venture known to everyone as Final Fantasy VII Remake. This bad boy was pushed out to appease all of the nineties megafans who were looking for a bit of fun, and indeed, this thing is what we would all call a big old batch of “fun.” In fact, in many respects, the video game we are seeing is almost no different than the video game we all remember playing in the nineties. That makes it totally and completely worth playing for everyone who misses their childhood.

In fact, this very sentiment and energy inspired most of us to get so far into the game that we even went all-in on ordering a physical copy of the game for ourselves. We want something we can touch and feel and be happy and joyous about, especially in these very trying times. But as it turns out, you cannot get everything for free, and in this case, the very thing we were all pining for isn’t going to be coming out as soon as we had all hoped due to delays brought on by the coronavirus.

Yeah, you heard it all right, and you heard it all right here first. The physical copies of the dang Final Fantasy VII remake will end up being delayed because there just happens to be a virus floating around in the air out there. That is just way too bad, and it is especially bad for gamers.

Here’s how it all happened. In December of last year, in a province called Wuhan in China, a virus started to spread in a marketplace. Well, fast forward a few months and that virus is causing all kinds of havoc all over the world. Anyway, what happened more specifically is some factories in Japan told all of its workers to go home or something, and now we are going to have to wait a bit longer for those physical copies.

But there is is a silver lining in the middle of all of this. The delay of the game is actually going to make everyone safer. So things aren’t too bad.

It just so happens to be the case that if you count yourself as a megafan of this very original and awesome title, and if you also were one of the few, true blue megafans who ordered the physical copy of the game, then you are going to have to wait a few more weeks. But you can also just download your copy on the PlayStation store. Good luck and stay safe.