All-Female League Of Legends Team Vaevictus Kicked Out Of LCL For Poor Performance

All-Female League Of Legends Team Vaevictus Kicked Out Of LCL For Poor Performance
Credit: Minion Studio VN via YouTube

Competitive League of Legends gets intense – you only have to watch a few matches at the competitive level to see what separates the professionals from the players that are spending the afternoon climbing the ranks. Typically these games are filled with higher CS, significantly lower deaths, game-defining objective plays, and ridiculously fast and on-point mechanics that your average player just can’t quite do yet.

So when a team finds their way into the competitive level, it’s imperative that they maintain a good showing. One thing is certain – you can’t lose every game you play in by a massive margin, as Vaevictus has now discovered.

Vaevictus, the first all-female lineup to compete in Russia’s League of Legends top division, has been kicked out of Russia’s LoL Continental League (LCL) after consistently turning in poor performances. The team lost every game they played in during both the Spring and Summer splits of 2019, and managed an average of 27 deaths over the Summer – 10 deaths more than the team that came second on that list. They also had the shortest game duration, as their opponents could typically finish them off pretty swiftly.

In all of 2019, their average deaths drops to “only” 26.5, so I suppose that’s nice. With a nice average of 6.9 kills per game, Vaevictus managed a kill/death ratio of 0.3. Other statistics include an average 15-minute gold differential of -10,398, a 15-minute CS differential of -127.2, and managing to snag a solid 0.2 dragons per game – as well as zero barons. These statistics all come to us courtesy of, who lay it out all quite nicely.

It goes without saying that, despite the sexism that likes to rear its ugly head, the failure of the team is not based on Vaevictus having an all-female roster. Many fans are discussing how Vaevictus was immediately set up for failure being roster made up primarily of diamond-tier players of whom were way out of their league. A group of diamond players, regardless of gender, are not going to be able to compete with challenger-level professionals.

This also isn’t the first time an all-female team has crashed out of a league after a string of horrid performances. Many League of Legends fans likely remember the infamous Sirens, of whom were formed and disbanded in 2013 after making headlines for their strange promotional video. Sirens managed to put in numerous awful performances before disbanding, though there are many reports that the disbanding wasn’t based on their poor showings but on the incredible toxicity of team “leader,” Jenny, and her negative treatment of her teammates.

Vaevictus will have the chance in the Open Cup to return to the LCL next year, but you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. For now, they’ve been replaced by Team CRowCrowd.