All About The Phantasma System In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands’ New Dungeon, Torghast

All About The Phantasma System In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands’ New Dungeon, Torghast
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

As World of Warcraft‘s eighth expansion comes closer and closer, Blizzard has been letting out quite a few previews of what players can expect in their adventure through the Shadowlands.

One of the many new features coming in Shadowlands is the endless dungeon, Torghast, Tower of the Damned. This endlessly replayable dungeon changes each time players brave the challenge, providing ways for players to upgrade their gear and farm up some new goodies.

One of these Goodies of the Damned is the new mechanic of Phantasma. This new collectable currency is used exclusively inside a Torghast run and is lost once you leave. Players can use Phantasma to improve their abilities with upgrades found within Torghast. At the moment, there’s no word if there will be another use for the currency.

There are plenty of alterations to Phantasma already, though. Wowhead, one of the most popular WoW-related outlets that has been datamining and revealing a great amount of information for the expansion, provided an excellent list of all known Phantasma-related abilities. Here are a few of the abilities on the list:

Abundance of Phantasma seems like a straight-forward gain, though it’s unclear how it will be triggered. This ability simply adds 300 Phantasma. There’s also Broker’s Purse, which will acquire 500 Phantasma. Given the name, this latter ability might be a lootable item.

There’s plenty more abilities that affect Phantasma gain. Scouring Tithe will grant Phantasma to all players, and Significant Phantasma will increase all Phantasma earned by 25%. There’s an ability called Unstable Phantasma Lure which does the same thing, so it’s unclear if there will be some sort of drawback to make it less favorable or if the “unstable” label is just flavor.

There are plenty of class-specific abilities as well. One ability, Phantasma Cloud, is a light-based ability that heals the caster for 50%, increasing damage dealt by 30% and maximum health by 20% as well, lasting 30 seconds. It’s unclear if this is a Priest or Paladin ability, or if it will be accessible to both.

One ability seems Warlock-specific, giving different abilities depending on your specialization. Glutton’s Guise causes Warlocks to gain 5 Phantasma each time they hit with Call Dreadstalkers, Chaos Bolt, or Soul Wrack depending on if they’re Demonology, Destruction, or Affliction, respectively.

There are plenty more abilities on the way as Torghast, Tower of the Damned continues to be playtested. The alpha is currently active, which will undoubtedly give Blizzard plenty of information to figure out any needed tweaks.