Action-Arcade Veterans Are In For A Treat With The Release Of Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha, Coming To Nintendo Switch

Action-Arcade Veterans Are In For A Treat With The Release Of Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha, Coming To Nintendo Switch
Credit: NIS America via YouTube

Vintage action-arcade gamers should be excited about this one! Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha is coming to Nintendo Switch, and it features six individual games, all combined into one jammed-pack arcade collection.

Here is the Nintendo Switch trailer that shows off some gameplay footage for each one.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha has six old-school arcade games in it, with enough diversity to allow players to enjoy a solid amount of re-playability.

STRIKES 1945 – Released 1995

STRIKERS 1945 II – Released 1997

STRIKERS 1945 III – Released 1999

SOL DIVIDE – Released 1996

Dragon Blaze – Released 2000

ZERO GUNNER 2 – Released 2001

These games feature vertical-scrolling gameplay, and many are pioneers of the shoot ‘em up arcade-style games.

The three STRIKERS games put the player at the control of a flying battle plane as they take on massive enemy vehicles.

Dragon Blaze has gamers riding a dragon as they take on enemy forces.

SOL DIVIDE is the most different out of all the Psikyo games in this collection. Gamers play a bladed-warrior who is tasked to take on hellish-enemies.

In ZERO GUNNER 2, players must use helicopters like an Apache and a Comanche as they take on waves of enemies.

These games have been remastered with the latest HD technology, and they feature different ways for players to experience these classics, like a horizontal mode and a vertical “TATE” mode.

Another great thing about Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha is that it allows two players to play in a couch co-op mode, promising unlimited ammo and challenging fights.

So, if Nintendo Switch gamers are hoping to get involved with this shoot ‘em up action, they can expect Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha to hit the shelves on January 21st, 2020. The price is listed at $39.99, takes up 640 MB of hard drive space, and can be supported by all Nintendo Switch play modes.

This is a fantastic chance for veteran gamers to enjoy a nostalgic-driven experience, and new gamers to feel what it was like to play arcade-shooters back in the day. This collection has something for everybody, and luckily, this isn’t the only Psikyo game coming out soon.

Psikyo fans can keep their eyes open for Psikyo Shooting Stars Beta, which will be coming out in February. It is another collection pack, which features six other shooter games, including Samurai Aces Episode I, II, and II, GUNBARICH, and GUNBIRD 1 and 2.