According To Recent Sales Figures; Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare Had One Of The Biggest Launches For The Series In Years

According To Recent Sales Figures; Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare Had One Of The Biggest Launches For The Series In Years
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare has been out for nearly a week now. The gaming community seems to like what Infinity Ward has down with this latest installment. The story in the campaign once again features a compelling plot and there are a ton of fun modes in online multiplayer.

It’s amazing that this first-person shooter series continues to have success today. It seems like it could go on for another two decades quite honestly. Activision and Infinity Ward have a lot to be proud of, especially judging by the recent sales figures. According to statistics, Call of Duty: Modern Warefare had one of the bigger launches in franchise history.

The game has been so successful — in fact — that it’s smashing digital sales records and is one of the top selling new game releases this year. So why has this game done so well in the short amount of time that it has been out?

Well, there are many reasons for this. For starters, the weapon customizations are amazing. There are so many ways you can upgrade various guns as you progress in both the multiplayer and single-player campaign. That has always been a formula that Infinity Ward has had down pretty well ever since the beginning.

Whether you’ve played a COD game before or this latest installment is your first experience with the franchise, the weapons are spectacular. They look amazing and perform even better.

The online modes shine bright in multiplayer. Players seem to be enjoying the 10 core maps that are currently out. They have plenty of nooks and crannies for players to hide in, which has lead to some camping. That’s always going to be an issue with first-person shooters, though.

Still, Infinity Ward gives you plenty of resources to detect their stationary tactics like UAVs and snapshot grenades. There’s also something just so satisfying about taking out a camper who’s been in the same position for a while. You feel like you’ve scored big for the team.

What’s also nice to see in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the exclusion of microtransactions. There isn’t any pay to win scheme that players have to worry about. Instead, players can just move through the game and earn amazing rewards without having to spend a dime.

If you have stepped away from this long-running series, now’s the perfect time to jump back in. You’ll enjoy intense combat from the start.