According To Diablo 4 Director, Blizzard Is Just As Focused On Itemization As The Community Is

According To Diablo 4 Director, Blizzard Is Just As Focused On Itemization As The Community Is
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Diablo 4 is officially in the works, as reported from Blizzard at this year’s BlizzCon. Given that Diablo 3 originally came out in 2012, fans have anxiously waited for a follow-up. Now that one has been officially confirmed, the die-hards and casuals are raving about what’s to come.

So far, we’ve seen some trailers of gameplay that have shown a couple of character classes that will be available at launch. It was also revealed that there will be microtransactions in the game, only they’ll be purely cosmetic. Fans are a little skeptical still about itemization. This has been a glaring issue that unfortunately showed up in Diablo 3.

For many, the looting system wasn’t up to par with their expectations. It isn’t because there weren’t that many items to collect. There were limitless possibilities. It was the fact that it seemed like it didn’t really matter what item you collected. Whatever class you had, all you had to do is see whether an item gave you more DPS or not. The other item attributes, such as attack speed or critical damage, didn’t really matter.

Gamers are thus worried about the same loot system ending up in Diablo 4. The community is worried, but Blizzard is aware of this. Speaking on this matter recently was the director, Luis Barriga. He first commented on how the developers are so appreciative of the overwhelming support the game has received since its official trailer announcement. Diablo 4 has received a lot of positive praise out of the gate, which hasn’t always been the case with previous installments.

Barriga then went on to talk about the community’s growing concerns about itemization, which as mentioned earlier, showed up in the previous installment. He wants to reassure fans that Blizzard is actively thinking about making this system better, which is what you want to hear with such a beloved franchise like Diablo.

There haven’t been any concrete plans with how the developers plan on fixing the complexity of itemization, but that could change in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, fans can check out some gameplay videos that Blizzard has just put out. They’re painting quite an epic experience with whatever class you decide to play as. The Druid class  — in particular — looks like a real winner. Possessing magic abilities, this class can transform into powerful beasts and unleash a fury of attacks at enemies up close.

Yes, we don’t know how itemization will work out in Diablo 4, but it’s nice to know Blizzard is staying cognizant of the community’s apprehensions and requests.