A Super Mario Sunshine Boss Battle Appears To Be Referenced In Splatoon 3

A Super Mario Sunshine Boss Battle Appears To Be Referenced In Splatoon 3
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Players are learning all there is to know about the paint-splattering sequel Splatoon 3 now that it has been successfully unveiled into the world. This also applies to the boss fights you experience when progressing through the single-player game. One boss battle is generating news because it reminds people of another that Super Mario Sunshine enthusiasts may remember.

One of Splatoon 3’s later boss fights is strikingly similar to The Manta Storm you encounter on Sirena Beach in Super Mario Sunshine, as observed by the nice people at Polygon. The boss in question is the enormous manta ray from the video game band Deep Cut known as Big Man.

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The only thing that will be left of Big Man during the conflict will be his paint-spraying shadow. The roving shadow will break up into tiny shadows if you manage to fire at it. In all honesty, the paint can is a real hassle.

This moveset has uncanny similarities to The Manta Storm battle in Super Mario Sunshine from 2002. In that battle, Mario and the player face up against a sinister, ominous stingray that, like Big Man, leaves a paint trail in its wake. Additionally, the stingray will split into little stingrays if you strike it. Another ache in the old water-spraying robotic backpack.

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The fact that Mario’s opponent is electrically charged is the main distinction between the two battles. In other words, if you approach close, you will feel it the next day. Additionally, as noted by GamesRadar, both boss fights make use of the blue and yellow color scheme, giving the impression that Manta Storm had a significant impact on Big Man’s design.

If you haven’t progressed that far in the campaign of Splatoon 3, you now know what manta ray horrors are in store for you. And I wholeheartedly advise playing Super Mario Sunshine if you haven’t already. Just be cautious of all manta rays.