A Player Is AFK In GTA Online, A Griefer targets them, But The Murder Is Not Carried Out As Planned

A Player Is AFK In GTA Online, A Griefer targets them, But The Murder Is Not Carried Out As Planned

Players of many stripes can be found in Grand Theft Auto Online, including some that play primarily for other players’ hurt. Players entering a public lobby in GTA Online will likely die at least once due to someone else’s schemes, although it doesn’t always turn out in the attacking player’s favor.

This was the situation for one participant who was not participating in the game when they were suddenly singled out. In a strange turn of events, the attempt to ruin the player’s day was a failure, which infuriated the GTA Online griefer.

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A slight gameplay clip of the meeting was provided by Reddit member and GTA Online player zooniVr. A user was driving a vehicle with one of the new chameleon paint jobs from GTA Online’s Expanded and Enhanced version suddenly runs into their character, which is visible standing motionless. Direct contact with the car causes zooniVr to lose control of his character, who then crashes to the ground after hitting a wall. The attacker keeps going after zooniVr, repeatedly backing up and running over him before opening fire on them. His health only drops by a little portion of the bar, so he may still fight.

All of this, though, ultimately comes to nothing. When zooniVr’s health reaches half, they flick open their menu and enter passive mode, returning to the game. Players cannot attack other players or cause damage to them when in passive mode. In other words, once the way was activated, the attacker had no further options for causing harm. The grieving attempt upset them because it failed so spectacularly. After all, according to zooniVr, they sent them angry, threatening messages soon after.

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Other gamers in the comments jumped to zooniVr’s defense and shared their accounts of being the subject of griefers.

But sporadic attacks like this will probably still happen whenever players are in open lobbies.