A New Update Is Out Now In The Outer Worlds; Addresses The Small Text That Has Been Present Since Launch

A New Update Is Out Now In The Outer Worlds; Addresses The Small Text That Has Been Present Since Launch
Credit: Apoqsi via YouTube

There have been a lot of anticipated games in 2019, but one that’s received some of the most attention has been The Outer Worlds. Fans of the RPG genre have anxiously waited for something that lets their imagination run wild, and that’s certainly the case with this latest game from Obsidian Entertainment.

It’s everything you could ever hope for in an RPG, really. The story is great, there are plenty of NPCs to interact with, and the weapons are addicting and fun to collect. The game is about to get even better too thanks to the latest patch. It’s improving a lot of aspects of this game.

One of the most prominent updates deals with the text system. Since launch, the text appearing on players’ screens has been pretty small. It is thus hard to make out everything the characters are saying during important conversations. For players that rely on subtitles, this small text has been a real downer.

The latest patch — fortunately — is increasing font size on a lot of things. These include terminal text, bark subtitles, cinematic sequences, and most importantly, conversational text. It seems like such a minor improvement, but there have been so many gamers wanting it since the game released back in October. To change the font size, all players have to do is head to their settings page. There are multiple sizes to choose from, depending on your particular visual preference.

Some crashing issues have been resolved as well, especially for players who’ve reached Tartarus. Issues with audio have been addressed too. More specially, there aren’t as many muffled sounds during parts of the game — which has been a problem for a lot of users on the PS4. Other improvements deal with designs and quests.

Patch is just one of many patches Obsidian Entertainment plans on putting out. They’ve been adamant about making this game perfect in every way possible, even if that means more work on their end.

If you experience a bug at any point, Obsidian welcomes you to share your feedback with them. There are plenty of avenues you can share these issues and these efforts will help make The Outer Worlds an even better game.

This is the type of response you would hope for from a major developer. Obsidian Entertainment is known for providing user-friendly experiences, so it’s great that they’re sticking to their roots. More developers should take notice.