A New Trailer Of Iron Harvest Shows Off Steam-Powered Mechs And An Official Release Date

A New Trailer Of Iron Harvest Shows Off Steam-Powered Mechs And An Official Release Date
Credit: KINGArtGames via YouTube

The premise behind mech games is amazing both on paper and in practice. Large machines that can fly and shoot missiles are every man’s dream to operate. We’ve seem some pretty great mech games over the years, including MechAssault and most recently the Titanfall series. Every one of these games has a unique aspect that makes it stand out.

Iron Harvest is a mech game that does this as well. Instead of powering modern armored suits, you’ll get to control machines powered by steam. This makes sense — too — given that the game’s setting is post-WW1. This real-time strategy game is being developed by KING Art, and thanks to a recent trailer, we now have an official release date. That is September 1, 2020. That’s a couple of weeks away.

In the meantime, we have some interesting footage to break down. It starts off with a black and white film showcasing some sort of human revolution during the 1920s. We then see huge steampunk-like machines moving across a battlefield. This is probably one of the most unique takes on mech suits to date.

Instead of featuring modern weapons with photon blasters and laser beams, these mechs have a more simple design. They rely on simplistic weapons like single-shot rifles and canons. It appears like the developers are sticking true to the game’s historical setting, which should immerse players in this pre-technology world.

The gameplay featured near the end of the trailer is pretty epic. There are tons of these machines going at it in battle. They each possess different abilities. Given that this is a real-time strategy game, a lot of planning will be involved. You won’t be able to run through stages blasting at enemies without some sort of foresight.

The story according to Steam’s description page is captivating as well. After the Great War, a new threat is conspiring to bring down entire countries across Europe. It’s up to the farmers now and their newly discover steam-powered machines to put up a fight. They’re still pretty effective, too. You’ll have plenty of machines to use at your disposal. Before every battle, you’ll get to put together military plans. Victory and defeat will depend on your actions.

Do you have what it takes to save your beloved country? Find out this September when this game launches on PC. You’ll need more than a thirst for combat to stay alive and lead your soldiers to victory across a European landscape.