A New Mode Called Fear Of The Dark Is Heading To Red Dead Online Thanks To Halloween Update

A New Mode Called Fear Of The Dark Is Heading To Red Dead Online Thanks To Halloween Update
Credit: TagBackTV via YouTube

Red Dead Online has been an amazing experience thus far for those who picked up Red Dead Redemption 2. Like the base game, there is just so much to do online. From side missions to co-op experiences, the online portion never fails to deliver excitement.

The mode has received a lot of updates since being introduced back in May. Since Halloween is right around the corner, it only makes sense that Rockstar would deliver some more. Only this time, they’re all Halloween themed. One of the most noticeable updates coming to the online portion of this incredible game is a new mode called Fear of the Dark.

The mode lets two teams battle it out. You have the Hunters and the Night Stalkers. The Night Stalkers have super-human abilities, such as superior strength and speed. Thus, when the match first starts, the Hunters would be better served to steer clear of their presence until they have time to find skull masks.

Each time one of these masks is destroyed, the Night Stalker team gets a little weaker. That’s when the Hunters have the chance to go toe-to-toe. For the Hunters to win, they must destroy all masks and eliminate all Night Stalkers.

Conversely, the Night Stalkers have to survive until time expires or they take take out all of the Hunters. Which tactic they take is completely up to the team. Overall, Fear of the Dark seems like a fun mode right out of the gate. It will give players a chance to celebrate this beloved game in a unique way leading up to Halloween. For the winning side, they’ll have the chance to earn gold and in-game dollar rewards — which can be used to buy some incredible gear in the store.

The Halloween update is also introducing a new bounty and collectible list. Players will even have the chance to pick up some Halloween-themed masks for a limited time.

The entire event runs all the way until the end of November, so if you’re unable to check out the action days before Halloween, don’t worry. There is plenty of time to celebrate the more spookier time of the year.

Rockstar has done great work at introducing new folds to Red Dead Online at just the right times. Just as you think you’ve seen and done it all, there is new content to enjoy. The developers really know how to give gamers a lot of value.