A New Kingdom Management Sim Is Being Published By No More Robots, Time To Raise Your Kingdom Above All The Rest

A New Kingdom Management Sim Is Being Published By No More Robots, Time To Raise Your Kingdom Above All The Rest
Credit: Brave At Night

Developers are quickly learning that there are still ways to make a kingdom management simulation game different from all the others. This unique mix between simulator and RPG mechanics creates a world that requires your guidance. It is the time of knights and castles, and without your guidance, the kingdom is destined for ruin.

The game is set to release in early 2020 for PC with consoles to follow shortly after. It is being developed by Brave at Night and published by No More Robots. This team is known for its unique view of games, and many fans are already excited about what could be in store.

You take the role of leader of your kingdom. Every day, petitioners will arrive at your throne, asking for advice and aid. The decision to help them with their problems or conserve your resources is left entirely up to you. It is medieval times, so resources are limited. To make the decision even more challenging, not every person coming to you have the kingdom in their mind when asking for help.

The game has been in devlopment for a long time and is finally on its last stretch towards full release in 2020. Rafal Bryks did most of the production after hours. It was only until the developer paired up with No More Robots that Bryks was able to bring a full team on board, and with his partner, Alina Cebula brings the final touches to the game.

Every turn, you must listen to your petitioners and decide who needs your support. Inside the castle, you must also aid your family with their problems, inevitably deciding their fate.

It is a large kingdom to run, so it is up to you to hire generals, witches, and hunters to all aid in your efforts. The more staff you have working, the easier managing the kingdom becomes. War is always on the horizon, though, so make sure to make alliances by satisfying the many whims of the nearby lords and kings.

The game has a core story of quirky and determines characters that want your resources. Each will visit your halls and pitch their needs diligently, creating a complicated situation of who to help and who to toss out. It is sort of an Emporer’s New Groove scenario, so make sure you save a spot for your personal swimming pool.

The game is planned for a PC release out the gate but promises console support afterward. There is already a steam page up and running for this game, so for further information, you can add this game to your wishlist and receive those vital updates.