A New Fishing Planet Update Adds New Motorboats, Waterways, And Fish

A New Fishing Planet Update Adds New Motorboats, Waterways, And Fish
Credit: Sony Via Youtube

Fishing Planet is a fishing enthusiast’s dream video game. It is a world that revolves around fishing with tons of different kinds of fish available for capture. It is considered one of the most highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulators on the market. It brings you a true thrill of fishing, allowing full customization of your own fishing set up.

Choose your lure, make that trophy catch, and discover the new possibilities that exist as a truel angling champion. Fish anywhere, anytime. As a free to play online game, you do not have to play alone. You can join friends and fish as a group enjoying every moment.

This is not just another game about fishing. It comes with stunning graphics and superb hydro and aerodynamic physics. Tackle acts like real tackle, and the damage is based on actual physics simulations. The most important ingredient is the sophisticated fish artificial intelligence. They have lifelike behavior that makes this the ultimate true-to-life fishing simulator.

100+ species of fish are in the game. Each has its own unique behavior and AI program driving its actions. With 18 scenic waterways and multiple locations, you can enjoy a wide range of fishing experiences.

A new update is making this already massive game even more immense and fun. New features include motorboats, carp fishing, stunning waterways, and even more fish species along with a new set of missions.

In a brand new perspective, you can now experience the game from the back of cool motorboats. There are three types of various parameters, like speed and durability. There is a metal flat bottomed boat, rubber inflatable boat, and a bass boat that is equipped with the best bass boat edition sonars. The bass boat can be upgraded into the highest speed of all motorboats.

The other major feature is the carp that have been added to the game. These bottom-dwelling fish are a fun challenge as they must be approached differently than other fish. There are new tackle categories and other cool carp fishing equipment to help, but don’t forget they have their own AI with their own behavior to discover.

The last addition is a fantastic fishing getaway in a new UK location called Weeping Willow Fisheries. This is located in Kent County of South East England. There are a total of five match lakes, which are mostly man-made reservoirs that surround the one naturally occurring Willow Lake. Enjoy the scenery and find the old weeping willow growing right in the middle of the lake.

Fishing Planet is free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Enjoy the fishing experience, the free updates, and the community built around this relaxing sport.