A New Batman Game Is On The Way, And Yes, This Time It’s For Real

A New Batman Game Is On The Way, And Yes, This Time It’s For Real
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There have been far too many rumors about a new game in the Batman: Arkham franchise over the past couple of years.

Finally, we’ve finally gotten a glimpse at a brand-new Batman game, this time straight from the source. WB Games Montreal has released an images on their official Twitter account, complete with the caption “Cape sur la nuit/ Capture the Knight.”

It’s a mysterious logo to say the least, but those who are familiar with Batman lore will no doubt understand the presence of the talon in the central area of the crest. It’s representative of the Court of Owls, known more recently as the Parliament of Owls, which rumors have stated will be the focus of an upcoming Batman project.

The Court of Owls is ancient society that has long controlled Gotham City. They do their work by turning children into highly-skilled assassins called Talons, and through their deeds, the Court manipulates politics and more in Batman’s city. The group was first introduced a few years ago in the Batman relaunch, and has since become one of the most interesting and well-loved parts of Batman’s history.

There has been a rumor for years that a new Batman project called Batman: Insurgency was in the works, and would feature a number of new features and villains. Based on earlier leaks, the game is said to feature more locations that players have been wanting, such as Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave, which are fully explorable.

The game is also said to still feature the Batmobile, with the map being a massive version of Gotham City much bigger than WB Games Montreal’s version found in Batman: Arkham Origins, instead taking up the same amount of area as the most recent game, Arkham Knight. However, the Batmobile is going to all about the car and driving sections, scrapping the tank mode.

Others rumors and leaks about the game have mentioned that you will now be able to play as both Batman and Robin, as well as team up together to tackle missions in a similar manner to Arkham Knight. Supposedly, players will be able to switch between the characters at certain points, possibly in a way similar to the Catwoman sections of Arkham City, or more freely while in missions.

Of course, one of the biggest things about the Batman games is the roster of villains, and if the leaks are to be believed, there are going to be a whole slew of new additions. Some of the rumored villains are the Ventriloquist, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Mad Monk, Killer Moth, and more. Perhaps even more exciting, however, is that the game may once again feature “proper boss battles.”

Of course, aside from the official logo, everything else is just rumor. Hopefully we’ll see more from the game soon, as it’s been far too long since we’ve been able to don the cape and cowl.