A Gamescom Trailer Came Out For Exorcise The Demons, A Sinister Co-Op Experience

A Gamescom Trailer Came Out For Exorcise The Demons, A Sinister Co-Op Experience
Credit: Midnight Games via YouTube

Gamescom was a pretty successful gaming event this year. Some would even say it rivaled E3 in terms of game announcements. It’s hard to argue against that statement. There were so many great trailers and gameplay footage of some amazing games. Some of these announcements came out of left field, too. One of the more interesting titles coming out of this event has to be Exorcise The Demons.

Like a lot of indie games, Exorcise The Demons originally started on Kickstarter. It was able to generate a lot of funds thanks to its unique visual elements and gameplay. It looks like the people at Midnight Games were finally able to generate enough money to get the wheels moving production-wise.

The trailer shown at Gamescom 2019 is very unique. It starts off with some intense music, as if to signal something bad is about to happen. You’ve probably seen it dozens of times in horror movies. It certainly gets your attention, that’s for sure. We then see some sort of demonic spells being caste around a cult-like circle.

A description then appears on the screen, saying one players reads through a rituals book. Other players will accompany them. It seems like you’re summoning some sort of demon or evil spirit. Then, there are shots of more spells being caste. Something big is about to happen, you just know it.

The trailer is very cinematic, but we do see a bit of gameplay here. The visuals stand out and so does the concept. Looking at the game’s Kickstarter page, it says this will be a co-op experience. That’s great to see because going at these demons or spirits alone doesn’t seem like the best tactic.

It seems like communication and teamwork will be key in successfully exorcising your demons. Another interesting element is this game will have a companion app if it receives enough funding, which you can download straight to your smartphone. It can be used to scroll through the book of rituals. That’s a pretty ingenious idea from the developers. It makes gameplay that much more dynamic and interactive.

If Exorcise The Demons gains even more funding, it could receive VR support. This game seems like the perfect game for such technologies, and it should make casting these spells even more intense.

It’s not often that we get games as unique as this. If you’re looking for something different and want a great co-op experience, keep a lookout for it in September on the Steam platform.