A Clever Modder Has Created A Free Mod Making Grand Theft Auto 5 Fully Playable In VR

A Clever Modder Has Created A Free Mod Making Grand Theft Auto 5 Fully Playable In VR
Credit: Rockstar Games

Fans have been trying to create a fully playable VR experience for Grand Theft Auto 5 for quite a while. None of really succeeded and instead found their games full of bugs and other issues, rendering them unplayable. A modder may have actually created a new VR mod that can bring the communities VR dream a reality.

Reddit user LukeRoss00 has posted a new version of his GTA 5 VR mod onto GitHub for free access. The mod is in its fourth version and is titled “R.E.A.L” and is full of compatibility features as well as a very simple set up process making this easy to install.

Fans will find the install process simple, and then they can jump right into playing a VR version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Simply unpack the downloaded files and run it to make it work. This is one of the many improvements to the mod that have made it one of the best chances to play the game in VR.

Graphic settings can be updated within the game without having to relaunch. Multisampling was previously not supported, but now it is, and if you have a strong enough computer, you can even enable MSAA for an amazing graphical experience. It works with other mods, and as long as your computer can handle it, the VR mod can too.

What has everyone extremely excited is the universal FOV fix, which will allow players to view cutscenes again. This and many other small updates have made it possible to play the entirety of the game’s main story mode in VR without missing any part of the game’s experience.

Tons of other small issues were fixed, including an issue with scripted animations that glitched them out. Most of the fixes were focused on solving issues with graphics and trying to implement stronger graphical features. Screen flickering has been solved, and camera rotation is smoother than before. Issues with post-processing have been fixed, making the game run more efficiently.

Any interested player can download R.E.A.L on Github for free. You can also join the discussion happening on Reddit revolving around the mod and the modder. Now players can really experience all the thrills found in GTA V in a fully VR functional experience.

To use this mod, you do have to have a full copy of GTA V on PC. This mod is only for players on PC and does not work on other platforms.