2K Starts Decommissioning Process For Battleborn, Game To Shut Down In 2021

2K Starts Decommissioning Process For Battleborn, Game To Shut Down In 2021
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Sorry, Battleborn fans. 2K is now in the initial stage of putting the online first-person shooter to rest. However, the game will still be up until 2021 before it makes its way to the great digital beyond.

2K made the official announcement, as it revealed the reasons behind its decision to start the decommissioning of Battleborn. The developer explained that it plans to distribute members of its creative team to other projects.

Keen observers might have noticed that the game is no longer available on storefronts. This development may not hold well for those who are still planning to purchase the title. Unfortunately, they will have to play the shooter using a co-player’s account.

Battleborn players will feel the noose tighten when 2K stops the sale of the in-game currency called Platinum. The good thing is that gamers can still use the Platinum in their possession and can earn more of it during grinding.

And in 2021, Battleborn servers will finally be shut down, which completes 2K’s three-phase process. The developer, however, stressed that no in-game changes will happen between now and 2021. Users must take advantage of this period and play to their hearts’ content.

Since Battleborn’s rollout, there were already signs the gaming world was not going to give it a warm welcome. The game was already struggling to get the attention of players when it was released a few weeks before Overwatch.

2K tried to pull out all the stops to convince more players to try out Battleborn. Among the marketing strategies the developer employed was to offer it as a free-to-play game in 2017. Soon after, an announcement was made that the development of new content had stopped.

Then the downward spiral accelerated, as Battleborn was periodically in maintenance mode. What started out as a game which held so much promise turned out to be a significant disappointment for the company.

If there is any consolation, Battleborn is not the only game that is on the chopping block. Behavior Interactive has also started the process of closing out Deathgarden: Bloodharvest. The multiplayer, horror-survival game was released only 18 months ago.

Battleborn already got mixed reviews when it was rolled out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC in May 2016. Although some critics lauded it for being ambitious, most of them felt that it was too complicated.

Another factor that worked against Battleborn was the timing of its release. The game made its debut just a few weeks before the debut of the highly successful Overwatch. The two games were often frequently compared, in which wherein Overwatch won the hearts of gaming fans.