2K Sports Gives First Look At Chyna’s Entrance In WWE 2K20, Online Lobbies Returning

2K Sports Gives First Look At Chyna’s Entrance In WWE 2K20, Online Lobbies Returning
Credit: 2K Sports

We’re roughly a month away from the release of WWE 2K20, as the annual WWE game is currently scheduled to hit consoles and PC on October 22. The game will have a few different versions upon release and on Tuesday, 2K revealed the entrance for one of the characters who will be included as a bonus if you purchase the game’s Deluxe Edition.

WWE 2K20 will feature ex-Intercontinental Champion Chyna, who hasn’t been featured in a WWE game in almost 20 years. Of course, before she passed away back in 2016, the former WWE star was on the outs with the company but was trying to mend the relationship. After her death, the company inducted her into their hall of fame as a member of the popular “Attitude Era” stable D-Generation X.

Now that she’s officially back in the company via their hall of fame, 2K has decided to include her in the Deluxe Edition of the upcoming WWE game, and they recently shared her character model and ring entrance via Twitter. You can check it out below.

In addition to sharing Chyna’s entrance, 2K Sports also confirmed that, for the first time in many years, the ability to create a private or public lobby for an online match will return in WWE 2K20 by issuing the following statement on their official blog:

“If you have an exact online multiplayer match in mind, creating a lobby is the way to go. Select from a wide variety of match types and rules with up to six players. Choose the arena, superstar gender, and even toggle the restriction to only allow default WWE Superstars (a.k.a. Fair Play). You can start out in private mode to invite friends and then open the remaining slots to the general public if you prefer.”

While fans of WWE’s annual video game have been wanting custom lobbies to return to the series for a few years, there’s another game mode that they’ve been begging for — General Manager mode — which hasn’t been featured in a WWE game since SmackDown vs. Raw 2008.

As of this writing, we’ve heard nothing new in regards to the General Manager mode returning in WWE 2K20, but Xavier Woods, who is heavily involved in the game’s promotion, has teased that the mode will make a comeback in this year’s game. If it is going to be included in the game at launch, then you should probably expect to see 2K announce it soon.