12 Games Receive The Honors Of Being The Best Selling Steam Games Of 2019

12  Games Receive The Honors Of Being The Best Selling Steam Games Of 2019
Credit: PETRADUDE via YouTube

Steam has revealed its Best of 2019 Top Sellers list, and it features some staple PC games as well as some new heavy-hitters. They have listed the 100 games on the platform that outperformed all others in terms of revenue.

Steam has organized the 100 games into categories based on the amount of revenue they produced on the platform.

Platinum is the top 12 revenue performers. Gold is given to the 13th to 24th top sellers. Silver goes to the 25th to 40th and Bronze to the 41st to the 100th.

As mentioned, this category is all about revenue. That doesn’t just mean the sale of the game; it also includes DLC packs and microtransactions like cosmetic and content purchases.

That being said, here are the twelve top sellers, the games that make up the Platinum accolade:

Dota 2 – Released 2013, Price: Free to Play

Monster Hunter: World – Released 2018, Price $23.99

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Released 2017, Price $14.99

Warframe – Released 2013, Price: Free to Play

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Released 2012, Price: Free to Play

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Released 2014, Price: $7.99

Destiny 2 – Released 2019, Price Free to Play

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Released 2019, Price $47.99

The Elder Scrolls Online – Released 2017, Price $7.99

Grand Theft Auto V – Released 2015, Price $14.99

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Released 2019, Price $38.99

Sid Meler’s Civilization VI – Released 2016, Price $14.99

What’s interesting is that only three of the 12 games on the Platinum list came out this year. The other nine games have all been around since at least 2018.
A few games on this list shouldn’t be a surprise to most Steam gamers. Dota 2 has been wildly popular since its release more than six years ago. There is also a thriving esports community around the game that shells out millions of dollars per year.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also a game that has carved out a strong player-base since 2012, including an exciting esports scene.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be an absolute winner for Rockstar Games, as well as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige for Ubisoft.

A lot of the games on the list are either very inexpensive or free to play, which is a testament to how solid of a job the developers have done with incentivizing gamers to purchase extra content.

To see the entire list of top sellers, click the link in the embedded tweet!