10 Chambers Collective Releases Updated Roadmap Ahead Of Second Rundown Launch

10 Chambers Collective Releases Updated Roadmap Ahead Of Second Rundown Launch
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

10 Chambers Collective is taking the next step in the production of their early access survival-horror FPS title, GTFO. As the name suggests, GTFO puts players into a horrific situation where survival is far from a guarantee, forcing them to complete an objective and then bug out as fast as possible.

To be a bit more specific, the player takes the role of a prisoner being forced to explore a massive underground compound and complete some task that their warden has given them. You act as a team of four with teamwork being the absolute most important element of your task, working to do whatever the warden has demanded of you and get back to your extraction point before the creatures that make the compound home tear you apart.

GTFO is still in early access – and frankly, it shows. There’s plenty of bugs and issues with the game as development moves forward, but with 10 Chambers Collective have done a great job of improving the game and making what’s already there a blast to play through.

The second Rundown is finally on the way, giving prisoners a new set of tasks as they work to clear their objectives. This new Rundown is called Dig Site, but the 10 Chambers won’t go into any more detail, making sure that we’re still in the dark once we take on this new challenge.

There’s plenty more on the way with this new Rundown update, though. 10 Chambers is bringing in plenty of bugfixes and improvements based on the feedback they’ve gotten from the player base. Audio has been improved on the weapons, as well as three new guns, the Burst Rifle, Machinepistol, and a better update tot he Machinegun. Some consumables are coming, which they’ll reveal as the patch approaches.

In terms of what isn’t coming, unfortunately, we still won’t be seeing matchmaking in this update.

“We are aware of the demand and it is coming, features like matchmaking takes time with a small development team like ours,” 10 Chambers said in their announcement. “We want to do GTFO justice and implement matchmaking with all features we think are required; a sturdy matchmaking backend, voice chat, vote/kick system and server migration.”

It’s a bummer that we won’t see matchmaking yet, but that’s just how early access goes. Either way, it’s better to wait longer for a good feature than get a bad one sooner.

GTFO is a horror-survival title you can’t miss if you enjoy the FPS genre. If you can round up three people to play with to complete your fireteam, then you should be working on finishing the first rundown before the second replaces it at the release of this patch.